Threre is a reason we call them wildlife! A photographer found out the hard way that getting punched in the face by a gorilla is bad news. Christophe Courteau, whose photographs of the incident were featured on Caters News, was treating his assignment in Rwanda like a normal job.

Without warning, a silverback gorilla suddenly took exception to him being in his forest of the Volcanoes National Park. The gorilla, who is said to have been “drunk” on bamboo, came at Courteau like a 550 lb. furry fury of fists.. Just watch how it all turned out…

"You want a piece of this, bro?"


"Forget a piece--here's the whole thing."

"How's that feel, bro?"

(via Caters News)

Who wants to go on the next trip with this guy? I would rather hit the local bar and take my chances with humans!