We often wag our fingers at celebrities when they commit the slightest of infractions. If they badmouth another celebrity we like, if they make a distasteful joke on Twitter, if they have a negative reaction to pushy paparazzi, we might write them off entirely, insisting that we’ll never go to one of their movies or buy another one of their albums again. And yet, there are other celebrities who, sometimes literally, seem capable of getting away with murder.

Mark Walhberg


At 13 years old, Wahlberg had already become addicted to cocaine, among other drugs, and by 15, had a civil action filed against him for harassing black children, and at 16, he assaulted two Asian men in racially motivated attacks. As of the time of this writing, Wahlberg’s application for a full pardon from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is still pending. Wahlberg claims that he’s gotten over any guilt he may feel over these incidents, and one of his victims has even supported his application for an unconditional pardon. Although Wahlberg has played his share of tough guys, it’s almost hard to believe that the awkward, charming young man behind Dirk Diggler could have such a sordid, violent history.