A new gadget called the TouchJet Wave is making it possible to turn any TV into a touchscreen TV. Put differently, it turns your TV into an Android-powered computer — or Smart TV — with touch functionality.

Can you imagine turning your TV into a giant tablet? This is so cool. But that’s what the Touchjet Wave basically does.

Microsoft is going to be selling a touchscreen TV like gadget called the Surface Hub for between $7,000 and $20,000. You can get the Touchjet Wave, on the other hand, for like $100 on Indiegogo right now (which is 50% off the eventual retail price). So get in there early birds.

But what is it already?

It’s a little gadget that looks like a backlight but instead of clipping onto a book it clips onto the top of your existing TV.

It basically turns your TV into an Android computer. You can get apps, play games, stream movies, browse the Web… stuff like that.

So the Wave works using infrared tech to track your finger movements and taps on the screen.

You can also remotely control it right from your phone or with a stylus.

Here’s the facts:
– Wave mounts to ANY TV.
– It runs ANY Android app.
– It connects via WiFi and comes with an HDMI cable, power cable, the Wave, a TV mount and the stylus.

So what do I think about it?

I’m excited about this. Every now and then a device comes out that just changes everything. When I got the Amazon Echo it completely ruined all other speakers for me because I became addicted to the voice control. I think the Touchjet Wave is going to do the same for TVs.

I love that it works with older TVs but I don’t think I love the way it looks when it’s mounted. I also think it might be pretty awkward using your TV like a big tablet just because of the angles. People have their TVs mounted for viewing rather than touching so the actual experience might feel kind of weird or hacky.

source: dailytekk.com/