The Shenley Wood Retirement Village in the U.K. decided to get creative by making a fun, new calendar.

First suggested by community member Peter Mercer, the calendar would consist of photos showcasing reproductions of classic movie posters…featuring the residents in starring roles. Activities manager Lauren McMillan loved the idea, and pursued the project with photographer Ian Cann.

While cute puppies and firefighters are often first to come to mind as the stars of a photo calendar, be prepared to rethink the norm. If this is what you get to do in retirement communities, getting old sounds like a lot of fun.

retirement1 retirement2 retirement3 retirement4 retirement5 retirement6 retirement7 retirement8 retirement9 retirement10 retirement11 retirement12 retirment13




If you’d like purchase this calendar or individual photos you can find them here. All proceeds will fund activities that benefit residents living at the retirement village.