Finding a message in a bottle can be an incredibly exciting discovery. You never really know who it’s from or who it’s meant for. Most of the fun derived from discovering a message in a bottle is trying to figure out the mystery.

For this boy, however, such a search led to an unexpected place. He was left in shock once he discovered the answers behind his lucky find.

Nine-year-old Nolan Rogers discovered the bottle in the woods near his house, read the note inside, and soon realized that the note was written to his grandfather by a former lover.

Diana Bryant (center) wrote the note while she was away at a church camp to her boyfriend Mike (right) in hopes that he would see it while she was away. It took almost 45 years for him to finally get the note when it was discovered by his grandson, Nolan (pictured on the left).

(via ABCNews)

This is an extremely rare instance where the love-letter-in-a-bottle plan actually worked. Stranger things have certainly happened before.