When it comes to a morning beauty ritual, your whole world can seem out of whack if you run out of a pivotal product. Not only can it cause you to show up at work or your appointment in a frazzle, it can also throw your whole day off (how in the world are you going to fit in a trip to the pharmacy to pick up your favorite blush?).

Take a deep breath because we’re here to help.

Instead of giving up on the day and calling in sick, just follow these simple beauty hacks…after this, you may scrap the whole idea of restocking your vanity.

1. Make Your Own Blush

10 Beauty Hacks - #1 Make A Blush @ 10GoneViral.com
10 Beauty Hacks – #1 Make Your Own Blush @ 10GoneViral.com


Take your favorite lipstick or gloss and blot it on your cheekbones.