Now that we’ve all got these high definition cameras in our pockets, we can’t help but snap pictures of ourselves, sharing them with all of our friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever else. There’s nothing wrong with selfies. But, there is a right way to take a selfie, and these are definitely WRONG!!!!!


Ladies PLEASE make sure to flush the toilet before attempting to take a “hot” selfie!



Throwing signs in your selfie is all cool, but beware of people in the background throwing up their own flavor.




Bathrooms are the preferred place to take a wicked selfie. Unfortunately people tend not to look the the mirror to see what else the camera might capture.



Some people have so much confidence that they care not what others think. Well we think this girl knows how to make herself happy 🙂

(if you haven’t noticed look at the counter top)



Girls before bustin out your phone to take that “special” selfie just think about what your mom might think.



Those dang pesky kids always trying to spoil moms fun! Maybe you weren’t ready for kids just yet? 


It’s bad enough when Johnny catches his parents doing the nasty but its even worse when he grabs a phone and shares it with his kindergarten classmates!



Hard to tell what her workmate just caught on camera for us. We are torn between her taking a new profile pic for a dating website or maybe she is auditioning for a job in the adult film industry?




What better way to tell the world you think your shit is hot than to take a shot of yourself taking a shit?



What better time to snap a selfie than when your are stuck in traffic. That is unless you are hurtling down the highway????