When snow comes spewing from the sky and there seems to be no end in sight to your sociology lecture, you probably turned to fantasizing about the summer. Good weather, relaxed responsibilities and a possible vacation make June through August the most enjoyable season of the year for many.

Until, you know, you actually get to it.

While it certainly isn’t all hype, the glamour of beaches and suntans hides some of summer’s peskiest nuances. A few months of the season under your belt may have you worn out, and by the end of the year you’ll forget all about your sagas with bug bites and air conditioning units.


Look at that thing. Does it not strike fear into your suntanned heart?

There are over 150 species of mosquitos in North America (3,000 species in the world).

We’re all guilty of romanticizing summer, but your vacation isn’t complete without a dozen or so swelling bumps shrouding your arms and ankles. Mosquitoes requires blood to develop fertile eggs. Mosquito bites are forgettable struggles during the colder seasons, but come summer, it takes every fiber of your existence to stop from itching. Seriously. Put your arm down now and don’t touch it.

The damn demons find new spots to frustrate you with every time, and the only way to ward them off is with the most pungent of repellents that don’t work half the time. You’d think that catching and squashing a sucka mosquito in the act would be quite rewarding, until you realize the disgusting mess that’s on your fingers.

Mosquito clouds can kill summer enthusiasm with one outdoor concert or party. But you’d still trade a body of bites for 80 degree weather come January.