It’s happened to all of us at some point or another, you’re sitting in a quiet room with friends and our body makes a gurgling or whistling noise…or worse.

Not only can these unexpected noises be a bit embarrassing, but they can also be signs your body is telling you something. Here’s five noises we commonly hear from ourselves (and others) that might mean more than what we think they do, and point to a health issue. But don’t worry too much, everyone has some… hiccups along the way…

1. Rumbling Stomach

We commonly associate grumbling and gurgling from the stomach region to being hungry, which is a common cause of the strange sound. Research from Scientific American points out that the lower intestines can also cause this same noise, which is louder when they are empty because there’s nothing in there to muffle it.

The same source notes that low blood sugar can enhance stomach grumbling—low blood sugar can be dangerous and lead to abnormal body functions such as blurred vision, headaches and even increased anxiety. Lower blood sugar can also intensify abdominal contractions that cause the sound, which can be painful. Get some nutritious food into that stomach, stat!