He changed the spelling of his middle name.

Although Elvis’s middle name on his birth certificate was ‘Aron’, his grave has it as ‘Aaron’, which was his own preferred spelling.


Elvis was named after his father, Vernon Elvis Presley, and Mr. Presley’s good friend in Tupelo, Aaron Kennedy. Aron was the spelling the Presleys chose, either it was a spelling mistake or apparently to make it similar to the middle name of Elvis’ stillborn identical twin, Jesse Garon Presley.
Jesse was apparently named after Vernon’s father, Jessie Pressley, (Yes there are two s’) although the spelling was slightly different. Toward the end of his life, Elvis sought to change the spelling of his middle name to the traditional and biblical Aaron. In the process he learned that official state records had inexplicably listed it as Aaron, and not Aron as on his original birth records.

Knowing Elvis’ plans for his middle name, Aaron is the spelling his father chose for Elvis’ tombstone, and it’s the spelling his estate has designated as the official spelling when the middle name is used today. In Memphis, Elvis was enrolled in the eighth grade at Humes High School, as Elvis Aaron Presley.n Presley.