People Outraged After Zoo Dispute Ends With A Live Donkey Getting Fed To Tigers...

Some of you are going to say “the Tigers shouldn’t be in the zoo anyways” and I 100% agree. This isn’t their fault. They see a live...

Guy Puts Instagram Model On Blast For Using Fake Weights To Get Followers

I have no idea why people would try and fake something like strength and speed. I get the whole fake butt thing and fake boobs but something...

WATCH: Trump Gives Italian Prime Minister Middle Finger at G7

President Donald Trump appeared to give the Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, the middle finger while to scratching his head at the G7 summit in Taormina,...

The Top 10 Songs From The 1960s

The '60s was the first full decade of rock and roll! #1 Chubby Checker - The Twist via #2 The Beatles - Hey Jude via #3 The Theme From "A...

T-Rex Tries To Go Shovel Snow In A Blizzard

Leslie Haasch got in a T-Rex suit and outside to do a little snow shoveling. At least she tried. But her effort got her over 100,000 views on YouTube – worth it! “Sometimes things just […]

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Compilation Of Cats Demanding Attention

MrFunnyMals put together some really annoying cats. “These cats will stop at nothing to get all the attention they deserve, because they need it right MEOW!” via: neatorama

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Staple Prank Ends In Hilarious Way

This is awesome! Such a mean little prank – but the turnout is much more than it seems at first. Medical Library uploaded the video that for now only has about 30,000 views. “This is […]

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101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto V

This time 101facts tell us all there is (and not is) to know about Rockstar’s favorite game (at least, until GTA VI is there…). “Franklin. Michael. Trevor. Now Sam joins the motley crew of homicidal […]

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Epic Nerd Beatbox In The Hood

BigDawsTv totally destroy the street with their epic beatboxing – resulting in over 1.4 million views already. via: webtapete

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Amazing Knot Illusion Body Painting

Exquisit body painting illusion by Mirjana Kika Milosevic who got herself a big fat knot into her beautiful belly. The inspiring video got over 750,000 views on YouTube. via: laughingsquid

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Could This Weird-Looking Statue On Mars Be Proof That Aliens Once Walked Among Us?

The Curiosity rover has been on Mars for a little over four years now, and it recently captured photos of a strange rock formation. Not only does it...

The Reason This Opossum Is Riding A German Shepherd’s Back Will Break Your Heart

When this baby opossum was found on the side of the road, clinging to his dead mother...his chances of surviving were very slim. He was tiny, helpless,...

Construction Workers Play Wheelbarrow To Get The Job Done

TRAMBOLINO MIX uploaded this funny way of some street workers getting a new curb line into shape. via: cartoonland

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Conan Plays ‘For Honor’ With Tom Brady And Dwight Freeney

In the newest edition of “Clueless Gamer” Team Coco uploaded this “Super Bowl Edition”. This probably will get lots of more views than the 50k it has at the moment. “CONAN Highlight: Patriots quarterback Tom […]

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Interesting Facts For Every State In The US

Wendover Productions takes us on a tour through the entire United States of America, giving us interesting and mostly useless but entertaining partial knowledge about each state there is (at the moment). via: blameitonthevoices

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8 Beautiful, Weird, And Scary Things Ice Can Do

Olivia Gordon from SciShow presents us a lot of weird ways ice can be used. This trending video already got over a quarter million views on YouTube. “Frozen water molecules don’t seem to be all […]

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Crushing A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press

Will the most robust mobile device of all time survive the hydraulic press? Of course not. And it looks beautiful in it’s very own way. “This time we used our 40 ton ‘travel press’ that […]

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Mom-to-be Goes Through Labor Wearing Chewbacca Mask

Now we all can truly comprehend the pain a becoming mother feels during childbirth. RM Videos got a viral hit with this absurd Star Wars fantasy… via: geeksaresexy

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What Team Rocket Should Actually Be Using Pokemon For

In his newest animated sketch Dorkly shows us the sequel to his criticism video about why it doesn’t make sense to steal Pokémon. Instead of that Team Rocket should use them otherwise. After a week […]

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This Guy’s Reaction To Exotic Animals Is The Purest Thing To Happen In 2016

"He pulled out a series of crazy reptiles that were honestly dinosaurs in my opinion." (via Distractify)

Chris Pratt Plays Mad Lib Theater With Jimmy Fallon

Another very entertaining bit in a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Actor Chris Pratt has to come up with some random words to act them out a few minutes later. The […]

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3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks

YouTuber Mr Gear shows some not really simple but really fun “life hacks” (that are more playful inventions than real life hacks…). He got over 3 million views on this one!

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Kids Try 100 Years Of Thanksgiving Dishes

This “turkey holiday” is around the corner so the people from Bon Appétit did a little pre-tasting. Only with kids as judges and a whole lot of really old food. This combination got them nearly […]

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This Dog Just Won The Mannequin Challenge

Jason Erickson seems to have the coolest dog in the world. Or a really lifelike looking stuffed one, I don’t know… But he masters the Mannequin Challenge like a boss! via: seitvertreib

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How To Open A Can Without An Opener

Dave Hax with a useful tipp again. This time, you can learn how to open a can in an emergency situation. Like when you don’t happen to have an opener around, it is the zombie […]

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The 71 Most AMAZING Innovations of All Time

Rachel Salt and Mitchell Moffit from AsapSCIENCE show us the best innovations of all time. 71 one of them in under seven minutes – that is quick! Nearly as quick as this video getting over 500.000 views…

Girl Wants Ship To Honk And Regrets It Instantly

If you really happen to not have seen this four year old clip yet, that is wondering around the net the last days (and got over 4 million views!) – do it. Do it now. Before you regret it like the girl in it… HONK!

World War Nerf

Epic action video by Nukazooka, that got over 250.000 shots within it’s first day being online. And all thanks to lots of lots of lots of plastic bullets… „Nerf wars are a place of pain and suffering. And plastic. Lots of plastic. „ via: laughingsquid

Ellen And Tom Hanks Have A Conversation As Dory And Woody

Most kids have no idea who Tom Hanks or Ellen DeGeneres are. But on the other hand, it’s almost impossible to find a kid who doesn’t know who Woody or Dory are from the Pixar universe. So while Ellen DeGeneres was hosting Tom Hanks on her show, the two channeled their inner Dory and Woody and had an [...]

Ladybug Taking Off In Super Slow Motion

There is a magical world on our very own planet that we all ignore. The insect world is truly amazing when looked at through a magnify glass. Pco. demonstrates just how stunning the simple ladybug can be by recording one taking off.    

Dolphin Snatches iPad Out Of Woman’s Hands

Thanks to clever marketing, people are somehow motivated to walk around with their tablets. A large smartphone is one thing, but once it doesn’t fit in your pocket forget about it. This unlucky woman thought it would be a good idea to use her iPad by the dolphin exhibit at SeaWorld. The dolphin was apparently curious [...]

Pokemon Theme Song Covered In 20 1990’s Styles

What year is it? It was over 20 years ago when Pokemon took the video game world by storm. Now, thanks to the hot new smartphone app Pokemon Go, the pocket monster collecting game has returned to pop culture. That inspired Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs to cover the Pokemon theme song in the style of 20 [...]

Will Smith’s Awesome Tonight Show Entrance

It’s hard any one who grew up in the 90’s who didn’t watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So it’s no surprise the Web is freaking out over this epic clip from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when Will made his big entrance.   


Pokemon Go has been all over the news and social media lately. Some people think the new app is a ridiculous waste of time while others are...

Everything You Need To Know Pokémon Go

Confused by the latest smart phone game phenomenon, Pokemon Go? It seems like everyone is obsessed with this game, even older people. In case you want to get up to speed on the game, The Verge explains all you need to know here.   

Japanese Man Takes Pet Tortoise For Walk

Taking a dog for a walk is part of the dog experience. Sometimes, weird cat people will take their cat on walk. But a turtle? This older Japanese man is famous in his town for taking his giant pet tortoise on very slow walks through town.   

Woman’s Hilarious Rant About Pokemon Go

At first Kristen Tuff Scott was really annoyed by all the kids coming into her work looking for Pokemon while playing the new hit smartphone app PokemonGo. But now she’s been sucked into the maddness! “This is not where I saw myself at 27 years old.” Join the club sister.   

Bruce Springsteen Invites Little Girl On Stage During Concert

Usually, teenagers are the ones who shriek and yell to get on stage during music concerts. But during a concert in Oslo, rock star Bruce Springsteen instead invited an adorable toddler on stage and even let her sing in the microphone for a moment.   

Mechanic Invents Rube Goldberg Style Breakfast Making Machine

They say in only a few years we will have robots in our kitchens that can help us cook. But 69 year old British inventor doesn’t have that much time to waste, so he decided to make his own Rube Goldberg Style breakfast making machine. It’s reminiscent of the ice machine Doc Brown made in [...]

Little Kid Makes Tornado In A Jar Science Experiment

Little Oliver is a huge science nerd. Even though he’s barely in school, he already loves to study science and even has his own science lab. In this precious clip, Oliver creates a tornado in a jar.   
Watch Elephant Being Serenaded To Sleep With A Sweet Lullaby

Watch Elephant Being Serenaded To Sleep With A Sweet Lullaby

If you think lullabies are only effective for getting little ones to drift off to dreamland, think again! Turns out they work wonders on gentle giants, too. In...
New ‘Blank’ Blackbird Car Will Change Car Commercials Forever

New ‘Blank’ Blackbird Car Will Change Car Commercials Forever

Car ads have been made the same way for decades. Then came CGI. But now, CGI is about to change for the better. Millchannel has invented a new Blackbird car that is a vehicle that can be virtually painted after taping to become any car.   
Dana Carvey Performs Hilarious Trump, Bernie, And Hillary Impressions

Dana Carvey Performs Hilarious Trump, Bernie, And Hillary Impressions

This is one passionate and dividing election cycle. It’s hard to find anyone in middle. People either completely love and absolutely hate the leading candidates, Trump, Hillary, and Bernie. While visiting Conan, Dana Carvey showed off his hilarious impressions of the Donald and Bernie. You better enjoy Bernie while you can because it seems like Hillary will be [...]
Honest Trailer Of Finding Nemo

Honest Trailer Of Finding Nemo

Pixar is returning with another much anticipated sequel, Finding Dory. Now, fans are stuck wondering, will this be a hit like Toy Story 2, or a flub like Cars 2? In honor of Finding Dory, Screen Junkies gives the original, Finding Nemo an honest trailer.   
John Cena speaking Mandarin

John Cena speaking Mandarin

We live in a new, much smaller world. China now has a much great influence in the world than ever before in modern times. This video by the WWE truly demonstrates this fact. No one would ever imagine they would hear wrestling star John Cena speaking Mandarin but that day has finally come.  

James Bond VS Austin Powers Epic Rap Battle

James Bond is probably the most famous spy in the world. For decades now, he’s been known as the slick, sexy spy who can save the world from cliche evil villains. Mike Myers parodied everything we love and hate about James bond with his Austin Powers character. So it only makes sense to have the two face off [...]

Human Statue Prank

Nick Santonastasso is famous online as the guy who truly made lemonade out of lemons. With only one arm and no legs, he decided to have fun with his disability instead of moping. In this outrageous prank, he teamed with Prank vs Prank to hide as a statue in the park to scare the bejeezus out of passersby.  [...]

Junior High Kid Performs Hilarious Presidential Impressions During Graduation Speech

It’s that time of year again. Graduation! During his graduation speech, Jack Aiello decided to capitalize on the fact that he’s ending 8th grade in such an important election year. So he impersonated a slew of famous politicians who have partaken in the election cycle. This kid has a future! Now, this video has gone viral with [...]

Drinking A Cup Of Water In A Fighter Jet

Gravity is a funny thing. Just when you thought you fully understood the seemingly simple concept of physics, it proves you wrong. Watch what happens when a fighter jet pilot pours himself a cup of water and takes a swig, all while spinning and flying super fast.   

Boxer Destroys Two Guys Who Threw A Cigarette At This Girlfriend

That's gonna sting in the morning.  (via Distractify)

Koreans Take SAT Math Section

We often hear in the media that America students are constantly scoring lower than their counterparts in more and more countries. Especially eastern countries like Japan and South Korea. So the South Korean channel Solfa decided to give some Korean students the math section of the SAT’s to see what they think of the big test American high school students [...]

Drone Racing Battle With Liam Hemsworth And Jeff Goldblum

It was only a few years ago that quadrocopters were just toys for nerd. But now drones, as they’ve been dubbed, are everywhere! And they’re getting better and better. Now drone racing is a thing, which is awesome.  So the crew at Dude Perfect invited celebrity stars Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum to join them in an epic drone [...]
Thirteen Year Old Laura Bretan Wows America’s Got Talent With Opera Performance

Thirteen Year Old Laura Bretan Wows America’s Got Talent With Opera Performance

It hard to capture the attention of viewers these days. It seems like most of us are bored with the same old, same old on the Internet and television. But Laura Bretan has managed to get viewers to watch and like her incredible opera performance on America’s Got Talent. After her powerful singing, she was awarded the golden [...]
John Oliver Buys 15 Million Dollars Of Medical Debt And Forgives It All

John Oliver Buys 15 Million Dollars Of Medical Debt And Forgives It All

Debt. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have at least some student, car, or credit card debt. Today, there are now countless companies that make going after your delinquent debt a business. After explaining the seriousness of the current situation of medical debt in America, John Oliver took over $15 million of debt and [...]
Epic Pogo Stick Tricks Will Get You Bouncing

Epic Pogo Stick Tricks Will Get You Bouncing

The pogo stick is one of those toys that nearly all kids try out at least and quickly quit after failing a couple times. It’s like the unicycle, you really have to commit to get the hang of it. But once you do, you’re in for a crazy ride.   
Careless Man Breaks Priceless Antique Clock In Museum

Careless Man Breaks Priceless Antique Clock In Museum

What’s the first rule we are taught as kids when we visit the museum for the first time? Don’t. Touch. Anything! Apparently, this guy didn’t get the message. So while visiting the National Watch and Clock Museum, in Columbia, Pennsylvania, he decided to touch, and mess around with a priceless antique clock. Big mistake!   
Wow! Watch This GoPro View of Cheetah Run

Wow! Watch This GoPro View of Cheetah Run

The cheetah is famous as the fastest ground animal in the animal kingdom. If you ever wanted to experience the pure power and speed of a cheetah,...
Russian Couple Live With A 7 Foot Tall Domesticated Bear

Russian Couple Live With A 7 Foot Tall Domesticated Bear

Dogs have been domesticated and pets of humans for centuries. But their much bigger bear cousins just aren’t nice enough to keep in the house. But that didn’t stop this Russian couple from adopting a lost bear cub and raising it in their house just like a puppy. Now, the monstrous seven foot tall bear has been [...]
The Friend Zone Explained

The Friend Zone Explained

One social phenomenon all young guys in high school and college are familiar with is the so-called Friend Zone. Once ‘Zoned’ the chances of getting with that girl you are crushing on fall to negative infinity. Casually Explained covers the Friend Zone in this viral video.   
Guy With Tape On His Face Puts On Hilarious Mime Performance On America’s Got Talent

Guy With Tape On His Face Puts On Hilarious Mime Performance On America’s Got...

It’s hard to be original these days on TV talent shows. After years and years being on air, it seems like everything has already been done. Somehow, this guy thought of a hilarious and original bit that starts with a piece of tape over his mouth. The audience and judges were naturally skeptical of TapeFaceBoy at first, [...]
Forget Kittens Or Puppies, This Girl Hangs Out With A Baby White Rhino

Forget Kittens Or Puppies, This Girl Hangs Out With A Baby White Rhino

Most little girls love kittens, puppies, and ponies. But what about a rhinoceros? They might not seem like it, but baby rhinos are just as cute as any of those other famously adorable baby animals. This girl got the special chance to go for a stroll with a baby white rhino. Aww.  

New Video Reveals Gorilla Was Holding Hands With Boy Before Being Shot

Harambe the gorilla was recently shot dead by zookeepers who thought that he was going to hurt a four-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure. But a new video has now emerged appearing to show the 400lb gorilla holding hands with the boy prior to being shot. (via boredpanda)
Rap Battle Between James Corden, David Schwimmer, And Rebel Wilson

Rap Battle Between James Corden, David Schwimmer, And Rebel Wilson

It seems late night shows have found a segment that never gets old. The rap battle. This time, James Corden invited his celebrity guests David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson to have an epic rap battle.  This video has gone viral this weekend with over 2 million views!  
Guy Catches Chipmunk Stealing Bird Food Red Handed

Guy Catches Chipmunk Stealing Bird Food Red Handed

Time to fill up the bird feeder now that spring is finally here. Fjwjr was looking at his bird feeder when he noticed an intruder. A chipmunk was stealing the food! When he approached the little rodent apparently realized he had been caught so he dumped out all the food he ‘stole’ from his cheek pockets. Now this [...]
Japanese Insect Glue Trap Commercial Will Have You Asking WTF

Japanese Insect Glue Trap Commercial Will Have You Asking WTF

Japan is known to make Americans go WTF, but this new commercial has even surprised Western Internet users. And that’s no small feat. To demonstrate the strength of their new sticky bug trap, EarthChemical had humans attempt to escape from the glue. Now, this trending ad has amassed over one million hits in just a week!  
Guy Creates New Realistic Puppet Design

Guy Creates New Realistic Puppet Design

Marionettes and puppets have followed the same design for years. But finally, someone has created a new design. Barnabydixon has just debuted this new puppet that uses his fingers to make the puppet, stand, dance, look around, and even point its finger. Very impressive!   
Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Sing a Song For The Troops

Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Sing a Song For The Troops

Adam Sandler is famous for being one of the goofiest guys in Hollywood, but he has a serious side. And part of that includes loving America. So while visiting, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the two performed a country song for our troops.   
Blake Shelton Eats At S Sushi Restaurant For First Time With Jimmy Fallon

Blake Shelton Eats At Sushi Restaurant For First Time With Jimmy Fallon

Country music star Blake Shelton has certainly been around the block more than a few times as a famous American country star. But somehow, he has never had real sushi before. You know, the raw stuff. So Jimmy Fallon took him out to an authentic Japanese restaurant to taste the far East delicacy for the first time.   

Tennis Trick Shots With Serena Williams

When you think professional sports you think of LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning. When you think of professional tennis only one name comes to mind: Serena Williams. The trick shot boys of Dude Perfect were lucky enough to try out some epic trick shots with the famous tennis queen.   

Hillary And Bernie Reminisce About Their Campaigns At A Bar

The media has called it months ago. Hillary will be the first female presidential candidate running for the Democratic Party. But the Democratic primary isn’t over yet. Bernie Sanders is still in it.  Saturday Night Live brought the two liberal candidates to life in this cold open.   

What Happens When You Drop Dry Ice Into A Swimming Pool

Dry ice, which is carbon dioxide in a solid state, is always good for a fun viral video. Now that it’s finally swimming season, the Crazy RussianHacker demonstrates the crazy reaction which occurs when you drop 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool.   

Driving A Landcruiser Through A Deep Pond

The Toyota Landcruiser is famous around the world as one of the most versatile and tough SUV’s around. But Toyota might want to think of a better name, because the truck is a such a beast that it can easily leave the land and take on deep water as is evident in this viral clip.   

Conan Catches His Employees Sneaking The Good Food

It’s only human. At work, school, or play, people will often congregate with others who are like-minded. But Conan O’Brien recently discovered that there is a click at his show of a few employees who inform each other and quickly pounce whenever there is good free food. So Conan laid some food out, sent a [...]
How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun

How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun

Obviously, the days of snowball fights are far behind us. So what fun games can you play in the summer? How about cheese ball tag? Night Hawk In Light demonstrates how to build a cheese ball machine gun using a leaf blower which can be used in countless fun ways!    
fake books on the subway

Reading Books With Outrageous Fake Covers On The Subway Part Two

Last month, comedian Scott Rogowsky  went viral with his hilarious idea of reading books with fake, outrageous titles on the covers on the New York City subway. Riders, and viewers, couldn’t help but laugh, and now that video has over one million hits! After that great success, he’s returned with part 2.   

Playing With Hundreds Of Water Balloons On A Trampoline

Ahh, spring time. Now we can finally play with fun things outdoors like water balloons and trampolines. That gave Mark Rober an idea. How about put the two together? That’s exactly what he did in this new video and he captured all of the exciting action in slow motion.  
rats in kitchen

This Could Be Happening In Your Favorite Restaurant

We all love to eat out, but do you ever stop to thing about what is going on in the back where your meal is being prepared? Maybe...
Ingestible Origami Robot

Ingestible Origami Robot Could Save Your Life

Researchers at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have collaborated to build the first indigestible robot. Once swallowed, the tiny robot unfolds and...

Woman Shows Her Puppeteering Talent With Unexpected Body Part

Many people hope to make it big with their "special" talent, and Anne Klinge is no exception. Her skill involves puppets, but you would never guess what body...
mark from walmart

This Walmart Employee Does An Awesome Impression Of Shaggy and Scooby Doo!

Remember watching Shaggy and Scooby-Doo as they ride around in the Mystery Machine solving crimes on a Saturday morning? Well this guy must have watched a little too much!...

Crazy Russian Guy Uses Own Hand As Hammer!

Ever need to hammer a nail and you just cant seem to find a hammer around? Well you could always do what this guys does and smack...

Are You Doing It Wrong? How to Take the Perfect Selfie – 15 MIND-BLOWING...

It's hard to imagine a world without the selfie... Strange thing is for all the selfies we've taken over the years, no one's ever taught us how to...

Husband Pulls Off One GIANT Prank!

Imagine going out to run all the errands that your husband is just too lazy to do, meanwhile he is at home putting in so much effort just...

Man Reunited With Drowned Drone 1 Year Later!

A Solana Beach diver who discovered a sunken drone with a GoPro attached has found the devices' rightful owner and returned the goods Friday night. Matt Smith said John...

How This Woman Manages To Escape From Handcuffs Is The Freakiest Thing Ever

In the medical world, there's no shortage of weird, creepy diseases. One of the most misunderstood conditions is a disease by the name of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or...
What if humans acted like cats and dogs?

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend: Spot On or Way Off the Mark?

Are dogs really dumb? Are cats evil geniuses?  Watch this hilarious video with humans acting like our cat and dog friends.

Puppies Test Out the Latest Star Wars Toy…So Cute!

Sphero’s new spinning robot is the new Star Wars toy every kid will want for Christmas this year. We now believe it’s also the toy every dog...

Awesome Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks You Need To Know!

If you have a smart phone, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at these tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter whether you have just got...

She Almost Died Chasing Her Dream, To Become A Victoria’s Secret Model!!!

Teenage girls are easily influenced by the images of models in popular magazines. For Christie Swalding, the desire to look like these models turned into an obsession...

They Told Him To Hug Her And What Happened Next – Priceless!

Little Will had never hugged a girl before. And when you see his reaction to hugging this precious little cutie you have to smile! Oh my stars...

This Dogs Owner Strapped A GoPro Camera To Him, Just Watch How Awesome It...

Have you ever thought how looks the world from dogs point of view, our friend Einav took his Dog Billy with GOPRO camera to Palmachim beach. Just watch...

A Boy’s Wreckless Fist Is Now Worth$1.5 Million Dollars!

Boy I sure would hate to be the parent of this kid! A 12-year-old boy in Taiwan tripped at a museum and broke his fall with fist...

Motorcycles Are Dangerous, And Can Make You Laugh Hard!

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, it is also a tonne of fun! Of all the ways people can commit terrible fails, there’s something just intensely rewarding...

World’s Most Bizzarre Shark – Real or Fake? You Decide After Watching This Video

A shark with a table saw built into it’s lower jaw? Watch the video and then decide. Helicoprions were swimming in our oceans 270 million years ago....

Birds Dance Off, A Night At The Roxbury Style

Watch Jonathan and Sadie having a dance off to What Is Love made famous by a Saturday Night Live skit. Wow both those birds dance better than we ever...

Cat Decides To Sit Like A Human, Caught On Video!

In the small village of Poland, Ohio in the United States, a woman caught on film "Red" her cat as it decided to sit on the edge of a...

Bizarre Motorcycle Accident Caught On Video!

A tragic video from China shows a motorcycle rider getting injured from a large piece of falling overhead sign. As seen in the video, the motorcyclist was riding...

While Filming A Huge Bear He Captured Something Amazing!

While driving through Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada, Ricky Forbes thought he spotted a little black bear cub on the side of the highway. Ricky decided to stop...
Putin's Face Appears over the skies of New York - Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Putin’s Face Appears in A Flock of Birds Flying Over New York

It seems like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Birds but it's not. This is real. It was captured on video by Sheryl Gilbert.  Gilbert shot the video of the...

Silly But Lovable Justin Bieber jumps into a kids’ soccer game at a park...

Justin Bieber jumps into a kids’ soccer game at a park in L.A. He’s dribbling, he’s scoring, he’s … not passing much.

Hilarious Westjet Flight Attendant Safety Demo Leaves Passengers In Stitches

Flying on a regular basis can get a little boring. That is why WestJet Attendant Michael McAdam decided to mix things up a bit. His safety demonstration had the...

Gigantic Mantaray Caught In Peru – Real or Fake? You Decide After Watching This...

Pictures of this giant mantaray have gone viral on the internet in the last few days. Billschannel viewers, Chris Cheong and Gabite Albar want to know if...

Dog is Apes Best Friend???

Bugsy the nine-year-old French bulldog likes to look after orphaned animals at England's Twycross Zoo. One of those orphans that Bugsy took under his care is Malone, a six-year-old orangutan who...

Giant Snake Kills Teen Girls – Fake or Real? You Decide After Watching This...

A guy in Brazil claims this video shows two teenage girls when they were pulled under under water and killed by an Anaconda snake.  Watch it and...

This Homemade Transforming Bumblebee Transformer Halloween Costume Is Simply Awesome!!!

Halloween, one of the greatest times of year when you are a kid. Now what to wear on such a special night? Should you be a ghost,...

This Little Boy Just Wants To See The Monkey, But Watch What He Does!

Every little boy loves animals, and monkeys are especially intriguing to us humans. But there is something wrong with this primate! You would think he would enjoy...

Kitten Saved In Dramatic Rescue

People sometimes do some crazy things to save animals. This Charlestown woman heard a kitten making noises in a drain pipe and decided to take matters into her own...

Very Cute Animals Wake Each Other Up, Very Funny Video

  Sometimes you just want your play buddy to wake up, and sometimes that same play buddy is grumpy as heck and just wants to sleep. Checkout the...

OMG Who Can Do Such A Thing??? Totally Disgusting!!!!!

Dan Gentle has made a name for himself online as a designer and realistic cake hobbyist. Some of his most famous cakes are the hyperrealistic ones he...

9 Year Old Boy Finds Message In Bottle, But Wait Till You Hear The...

Finding a message in a bottle can be an incredibly exciting discovery. You never really know who it's from or who it's meant for. Most of the...

Bunny Loves Taking A Bath, Very Cute But Also Very Strange

At the end of a long, hard week, the promise of a nice, warm bath can make all your woes melt away. Maybe you light your favorite...

10 Gone Viral Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

Four nights a week, we tuned in to The Daily Show to process the previous day's events, watch Jon Stewart banter with authors and actors, and —...

Hilarity Ensues When The Weather Map Goes Wild On Live TV!

Watch as weather pro Cory McCloskey of FOX 10 leads viewers through a hilarious weather cast after the system malfunctions during a live TV broadcast. Cory rolls with the...

Move Aside Human! Tesla’s Car-Charging Robot Snake Can Plug Itself In

Tesla unveiled its long-rumoured "giant metal snake" contraption in a 36-second video on both YouTube and Twitter Thursday, less than one year after CEO Elon Musk raised eyebrows by alluding to it on Twitter. "Btw,...

Cop Confrontation Goes Viral! Pulls Gun On Phone Toting Man

The Mayor and City Manager in Rohnert Park, California say they are investigating an incident where an unidentified officer drew his gun on a man recording him....

Totally Too Cute Video – Babies & Dogs Walking Each Other

Feeling a little down today? Then take 3 minutes and 49 seconds and go watch this absolutely cute video of babies walking dogs or is it dogs walking babies?...

Husband Shocks Wife With Pregnancy Announcement

Sam, of famed YouTube couple Sam and Nia, took a pregnancy test using a sample of his wife’s urine from the toilet after she told him her...

You Gotta See This Cute Little Puppy Crying!

    Isn't he just the cutest little thing ever?

Friends Stuff Sleeping Mans Mouth With Twizzlers

Micah fell asleep in the truck during a roadtrip so his "friends" decided they wanted to see how many Twizzlers can be stuffed in his mouth before he wakes up…

You Too Can Make $55,000 A Year! By Selling Candy On The Subway?

If you’ve ever ridden a New York City subway, you’ve probably encountered a “candy man” at some point and assumed he was making peanuts, so you threw...

10 Gone Viral Branded Videos From 2012

  As consumers watch more and more videos created by brands, marketers are thinking more critically about their video strategies. And key questions arise about when and how...

Watch This Cute Little Kitten Named Joey Break Out Of Jail

An 8 week old silver Chinchilla Persian kitten named Joey refuses to be fenced in and escapes over the baby gate with the encouragement of his Mama,...

A Bunch OF Happy Dogs And One Cat Hit The Beach

When you lookup “happiness” in the dictionary, there will now be a reference to THIS video! Posted 5 days ago on YouTube, this video is taking the...

Girl Learns To Dance In One Year

Karen learned to dance in a year! People who watch here dance today sometimes assume she has been dancing for many years. Karen made this video so you could see...

Angry Cyclist Deals With Car In Bike Lane

I sure wouldn't want to piss this guy off! I wonder what he eats for breakfast?

Amazing Truck Accidents Truck Crash Compilation 2015

Best Fails of the Week 1 April 2015

10 Gone Viral Videos From 2014

10. A Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos 9. IKEA’s Apple Parody   8. The “Devil Baby”   7. The Reporter Who Quit on Live TV   6. Emma Stone’s and Jimmy Fallon’s Epic Lip...

Hilarious! Movie Characters Sing SHUT UP AND DANCE

Are you like us and just can't get Walk The Moon's "Shut Up and Dance" out of your head? Neither can these famous movie characters, so sit back and enjoy!  

Old man crashes into ten cars

Ninety-year-old man crashes into ten cars trying to reverse out of parking.

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