Flood watch: 7 things you need to know before your basement turns into a...

Quebec flooding 20170508

Did you know most insurance policies don't include 'overland' flooding? CBC posed viewer questions to insurance lawyer Josiah MacQuarrie about nebulous policies, ageing infrastructure and more.

Lawyers, family of United passenger forcibly ejected from flight to speak today

united passenger

Lawyers for the man who was forcibly ejected from a United Airlines flight last week in the U.S. will speak today in front of television cameras for the first time since the incident.

‘Unbelievably dangerous’: Woman sues after crash at rail crossing flagged for safety fixes since...


Jane Huang's car was smashed by a train at a rail crossing in Langley, B.C., back in 2014. She was left with brain and spine injuries and in a state of profound disbelief. But she says that turned to anger when she learned about the crossing's safety record.

What happens when a Canadian border agent asks to search your phone?


For all the recent tales of U.S. border agents scrutinizing travellers phones and laptops, remember that, yes, Canadian border agents can and will search electronics, too.

With European and U.S. borders tightening, migrants turn to Central American corridor and head...

Pierre Gracia

With European borders tightening and increased anti-immigration anxiety in the United States, a rising number of migrants from as far away as Africa and Asia are turning to the Central American migrant corridor in the hopes of reaching a new promised land: Canada. CBC spoke with several of them this week in Mexico.

‘The only option was for me to leave’: African migrants wait in limbo, dreaming...

Guled Abdi Omar

African migrants who have passed through South and Central America are in limbo at the Mexican border, fearful of travelling to the U.S. or even of passing through the U.S. to reach Canada.

‘I feel bullied,’ says condo owner taken to court over backyard garden items not...

Jayne Pilot

An Ontario woman says a dispute with her condo board and property management company over minor garden infractions has left her emotionally devastated and contemplating moving out.

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Triple murderer Douglas Garland in hospital after assault at Calgary jail

Douglas Garland

Triple murderer Douglas Garland was rushed to hospital Friday night after being attacked while in custody at the Calgary Remand Centre, CBC News has learned.

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Police offer extra protection to MP Iqra Khalid following threatening messages

Parliament Islamophobia 20170215

Police say they are investigating messages sent to Liberal MP Iqra Khalid and increasing patrols around her constituency office and home. Khalid has received thousands of angry emails since tabling a motion to condemn Islamophobia.

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‘Kill her and be done with it’: MP behind anti-Islamophobia motion reads out hate...

Iqra Khalid

The Liberal MP who tabled an anti-Islamophobia motion says she has been bombarded with hate mail and threats of violence. Mississauga, Ont. MP Iqra Khalid told the House of Commons today she received more than 50,000 responses to M-103.

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Justin Trudeau to address European Parliament after CETA passes key vote

EU Europe Canada 20170215

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived in Strasbourg, France, where he will mark the European Parliament's passing of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union.

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Tight vote possible as European Parliament votes on Canada’s trade deal


Canada's trade deal with the European Union was signed last October, but its ratification is neither sealed nor delivered. Members of the European Parliament vote Wednesday on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement and it might be close.

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Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn resigns after lying about Russian contact

Michael Flynn

President Donald Trump's embattled national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned late Monday night, following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russia. His departure upends Trump's senior team after less than one month in office.

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Why Trudeau-Trump feels like more than a simple chat about the economy


On one level, Trudeau and Trump are just the leaders of two neighbouring countries whose economies are deeply intertwined. That simple reality might prevail on Monday, but everything else will weigh heavily on the moment.

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Trump says U.S. ‘100%’ behind Japan as PM Abe condemns North Korea missile launch

APTOPIX Trump US Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned North Korea's latest missile launch as "absolutely intolerable" and President Donald Trump assured Japan that the U.S. stands behind it "100 per cent."

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Community leader in Minnesota ‘overwhelmed’ with calls from Somalis aiming to walk across Canadian...

Omar Jamal

Somalis whose U.S. asylum claims have been rejected often end up in Minneapolis, where they strategize ways to get to Canada.

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U.S. appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump’s travel ban


A federal appeals court in San Francisco has unanimously ruled to uphold the suspension of U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban.

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Chrystia Freeland says Canada prepared for ‘strong offensive position’ on NAFTA

US Canada

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says that if negotiations restart on the North American Free Trade Agreement, Donald Trump's administration won't be the only player at the table looking for a better deal.

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Trump’s appeal of travel ban suspension pits executive against judiciary


A federal appellate court heard arguments Tuesday for and against lifting a block on U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order, which has over the last two weeks given rise to mass confusion, legal maneuvres and plenty of human drama.

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22 refugees walk to Manitoba from U.S. over the weekend

Farhan Ahmed

The temperatures dipped below –20 C as a large group of refugees trudged through the snow of a Manitoba field near the border to the United States.

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‘Hardest decision,’ says Syrian refugee who waited to land in Canada to give birth

Pic 5 Alkarnake refugee mom

Ibtesam Alkarnake was pregnant and flying from Amman, Jordan to Fort McMurray, Alta., on Tuesday when her water broke. She decided not to tell anyone — and in an interview with CBC News Sunday, she said it wasn't an easy choice.

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Conservative leadership candidates spar over jobs and taxes while taking aim at O’Leary

Conservative Leadership Debate 20170204

Kevin O’Leary says he feels he received a “warm welcome” in his first Conservative leadership debate, but that welcome came mostly in the form of attacks.

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U.S. judge temporarily blocks Trump’s travel ban

Trump Travel Ban Protests

A U.S. judge has imposed a nationwide hold on Donald Trump's ban on travellers and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, siding with two states that had challenged the executive order that has launched legal battles across the country.

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Calls for tolerance at Montreal funeral for men killed in Quebec City mosque attack

Quebec Mosque Shooting

Politicians and Muslim leaders called for greater tolerance and openness at the Montreal funeral today for three of the men killed in the Quebec City mosque shooting.

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With Trump willing to ‘go nuclear’ over Supreme Court pick, filibuster could be short-sighted


Neil Gorsuch is almost certain to be confirmed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. And when that happens it can be celebrated as a triumph for the architects of dysfunction and obstruction in Washington — the Republicans who refused to consider Barack Obama's nominee.

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Portrait of a suspect: Alexandre Bissonnette’s journey from moderate conservative to extremist troll

Quebec Mosque Shooting 20170130

A shy chess-player, a bullied introvert, a moderate conservative turned far-right troll — these are the descriptions being offered of Alexandre Bissonnette since he was accused of perpetrating a deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque.

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‘I never expected such a thing in Quebec’: Mourners hold vigil at scene of...

Quebec Shooting Vigils 20170130

It's not a community known for violence. While Montreal has been the site of some of the country's worst mass murders in recent memory, be it the Polytechnique massacre or Dawson College, Quebec City has previously avoided similar violence.

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‘People who were praying lost their lives’: 6 killed in Quebec City mosque shooting


Quebec provincial police say six people are dead and eight were wounded after shots were fired inside a mosque on Sunday night during evening prayers, an act Quebec's premier described as "murderous act directed at a specific community."

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PMO says Canadian dual citizens can travel freely to the U.S. despite Trump travel...


Canadian citizens can travel freely to the United States despite U.S. President Donald Trump's sweeping immigration order that bans visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries, the Prime Minister's Office says.

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‘I don’t know how we can protect the victims’: Domestic violence penalties rolled back...

Alyona Popova

A yearlong fight to enforce more legal protection for victims of domestic abuse took a step back this week in Moscow. The State Duma, Russia's parliament, voted to roll back a law that made domestic abuse a criminal offence.

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Indigenous elder steps in to end tense moment between Trudeau and pipeline protester

Sask Trudeau 20170125

Protesters gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pause during his town hall meeting in Winnipeg on Thursday, until an Indigenous elder stepped in to ask for their "respect."

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‘America first:’ For Canada, it’s about a lot more than trade

Trump Waterboarding

There's been a lot of talk about trade, but Canada has a multitude of connections to the United States. Officials and observers are looking to see what other changes might come with the Trump era.

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Trump to ready executive orders with eye towards Mexico wall, curbing refugee flow

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump will begin rolling out executive actions on immigration Wednesday, beginning with steps to build his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to two administration officials. He's also expected to review proposals that would restrict the flow of refugees into the U.S.

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Trump fulfils ‘Day 1’ vows with 3 executive orders in preview of agenda reset


Vested with the presidential authority to deliver on some of his "Day 1" promises, Donald Trump signs three executive orders to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, restore a Republican abortion policy, and put a hiring freeze on federal employees.

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Canada’s not the focus of Trump’s NAFTA talk — but it could be ‘collateral...

Trudeau Tour 20170117

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues have arrived in Calgary for a three-day retreat to ready themselves for the realities of governing in the Donald Trump era, and to hear from experts who they've tapped to help guide them through a potentially tumultuous time.

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The ‘pussyhats’ grab back: Massive Women’s March on Washington overwhelms streets


In Washington, D.C., this week, no sartorial choice mattered more than your headwear. An estimated 500,000 demonstrators, many of them wearing pink 'pussyhat' tuques, clogged the city's streets on Saturday to bring attention to human-rights issues and protest U.S. President Donald Trump.

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‘Confrontational, angry’ inaugural address leaves no doubt about which side Trump’s on

Trump Inauguration

It was classic Donald Trump — a hard-hitting campaign-style inauguration speech by the new president of the United States that used "America first" populist rhetoric, attacked Washington insiders and decried the state of the country.

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Ahead of Trump’s inauguration, Washington braces for well-wishers and protests


Whether coming in celebration or in protest, making the trip to Washington for Donald Trump's inauguration might just be the biggest hassle in the United States. Yet despite D.C.'s shuttered streets and barricaded intersections, an estimated 800,000 people are expected to watch the president-elect take the oath of office Friday.

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Obama’s final clemency push a rare display of ‘absolute’ power


None of the more than 230 convicted felons to have received pardons or commuted sentences from U.S. President Barack Obama will lose their newfound clemency.

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Gloves come off in French-language Conservative leadership debate


The third debate of the Conservative leadership campaign, the only official debate to be held entirely in French, featured sharp exchanges between candidates and proved to be a serious challenge to the French-language skills of some of the 13 contestants taking part.

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Territories agree to health funding deal with federal government

Health Transfers 20161219

Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories have signed bilateral deals with the federal government on health-care transfers.

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‘The super-rich and the rest of us’: 2 richest Canadians have wealth equal to...


The two richest Canadians have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 30 per cent of the country combined, according to a new report from a group of international aid organizations.

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Trump attacks civil rights icon before Martin Luther King Jr. day


Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire's White House victory, intensifying a feud with the black congressman days before the national holiday honouring Martin Luther King Jr. and as the first African-American president prepares to leave office.

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Asked about Trump, Trudeau promises to stand for feminism and diversity

Trudeau Tour 20170112

While maintaining that his priority in dealing with the Donald Trump administration will be the Canadian economy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told an audience on Thursday night that he would never shy away from proclaiming himself a feminist, defending immigration or extolling the contribution of Muslim Canadians.

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Frostbitten refugee will lose fingers, toe after 7-hour trek to cross U.S.-Canada border

Seidu Mohammed, 24,

A Ghanaian refugee who almost died while trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border into Manitoba on Christmas Eve will lose his fingers, a toe and possibly his arms.

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Obama delivers emotional farewell in final presidential speech

Obama Farewell Address

Conceding disappointments during his presidency yet offering vigorous encouragement for the nation's future, Barack Obama issued an emotional defence Tuesday night of his vision to Americans ahead of what's expected to be a radical shift from the incoming administration.

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Trudeau cabinet shuffle will bring new ministers to foreign affairs, immigration

Trudeau Reconciliation 20161215

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make changes to his cabinet on Tuesday, including replacing Stéphane Dion as foreign affairs minister and John McCallum at immigration, CBC News has learned.

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Video appears to show Florida airport gunman open fire, passengers scatter

florida airport shooting video

The gunman who killed five people at a Florida airport walked calmly through the baggage claim area before wordlessly pulling a handgun from his waistband and shooting at victims who fled or dived to the floor in panic, video showed.

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Cruise vacations turned tragic for victims of Florida airport shooting

Airport Shooting Florida Victims

Florida hospital officials say one of the airport shooting victims is expected to be released, while three are still in intensive care. Several of the five people killed were on vacation, headed for cruises that promised sun, sand and fun.

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Suspect arrested in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that killed 5

Airport Shooting Florida

A 26-year-old military veteran is in federal custody and investigators are searching for a motive after a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., airport left five people dead and eight wounded — with many more injured in the chaos that followed the attack.

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‘They almost froze to death’: Refugees frostbitten after walking to Manitoba border


A pair of refugees from Ghana are recovering in hospital after getting frostbite while trying to get to Winnipeg on Christmas Eve.

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‘Irresponsible’ populism: Lisa Raitt slams Kevin O’Leary, Kellie Leitch


Conservative leadership candidate Lisa Raitt waged a frontal assault against potential rival Kevin O'Leary today, accusing him of using Donald Trump-style tactics and theatrics that would kill any chance of the party's return to power.

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Canadian fighting with Kurdish forces against ISIS killed in Syria

Nazzareno Tassone

An Edmonton man has been killed in an ISIS attack while fighting for the YPG Kurdish forces in Syria, according to YPG officials.

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Free money for all: Why Finland has officially launched its basic income pilot project


Finland has become the first country in Europe to pay its unemployed citizens a basic monthly income, amounting to almost $600 US in a unique social experiment which is hoped to cut government red tape, reduce poverty and boost employment.

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Canadian confirmed dead in Istanbul nightclub shooting

Turkey Attack

A manhunt continued in Turkey Sunday for an assailant who unleashed a salvo of bullets in front of and inside a crowded Istanbul nightclub during New Year's celebrations, killing at least 39 people before fleeing.

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New Year’s Eve revellers kick off Canada’s 150th, bid adieu to year of conflict

Canada 150 20161231

As 2016 draws to a close, revellers around the world are bidding a weary adieu to a year filled with political surprises, prolonged conflicts and deaths of legendary celebrities.

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Government steps up security ahead of New Year’s kick-off to Canada’s 150th

Parliament Hill 2016 NYE setup party

Preparations are well underway on Parliament Hill for the official New Year's kick-off to Canada's 150th anniversary, including an increase in special security precautions.

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Clashes break out in Syria hours after ceasefire implemented


A ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey went into effect in war-ravaged Syria at midnight local time, a potential breakthrough threatened just two hours later by clashes between rebels and government forces. Six years of fighting have left more than a quarter-million people dead and triggered a refugee crisis across Europe.

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‘She wanted to be with Carrie’: Actress Debbie Reynolds dead at 84


Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds has died, a day after her famous daughter Carrie Fisher passed away. She was 84.

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Search for missing B.C. hikers halted for the night

Missing snowshoers

Rescue workers have paused the search for two men whose abandoned vehicle was found in a parking lot on Vancouver's Cypress Mountain on Christmas Day.

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Toronto couple, 2 children killed in cottage fire remembered as ‘lovely, open, giving’ family

Geoff Taber and Jacquie Gardner,

Friends, neighbours and colleagues of a Toronto couple and their two children are reeling after learning the family died in a Christmas Eve fire at their cottage near Peterborough, Ont..

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Former Wham singer George Michael ‘passed away peacefully’ at 53

APTOPIX George Michael Obit

Pop singer George Michael, who had a successful solo career and numerous hits as half of the 1980s duo Wham including the song Last Christmas, has died "over the Christmas period" at the age of 53.

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Inmate who died at ‘most complained-about’ jail in Ontario restrained before death: source

Soleiman Faqiri

CBC News has learned from a source with knowledge of the investigation into the death of Soleiman Faqiri that the 30-year-old was restrained with his hands behind his back, pepper-sprayed and a had a mask placed over his head before his death at the so-called super-jail in Lindsay, Ont..

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After standing vacant for 20 years, prime real estate across from Parliament Hill to...

100 wellington street former us embassy united states

The government commissioned a survey this summer asking Canadians how the former U.S. embassy in Ottawa should be used. The top answers suggest a cultural centre of some kind across from Parliament Hill.

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CRTC declares broadband internet access a basic service

CRTC Internet 20161221

Canada's telecom and broadcast regulator has declared that broadband internet access should be deemed a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians.

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Explosion at fireworks market near Mexico City kills at least 29, injures 70

Mexico Fireworks Explosion

The governor of the State of Mexico says three more people have died from a massive chain-reaction at a fireworks market near the capital, raising the death toll to 29.

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Truck rams into Berlin Christmas market, killing 12


A suspect has been arrested after a truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday. At least 12 people are dead and 48 injured.

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Provinces take aim at health care ‘ultimatum’

Finance Ministers 20161218

Provincial ministers are criticizing what they describe as a lacklustre take-it-or-leave-it offer delivered by the Trudeau government ahead of what have become increasingly bitter talks around federal health-care funding.

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Up to 20 cm of snow expected in B.C. as cold, wintry weather batters...

Atl Winter Weather 20161212

The official first day of winter is still a few days away, but the season is making its presence known across Canada this weekend, with many airports facing delays and cancellations.

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‘Monday is the day’: Liberals send ultimatum to provinces on health talks

Morneau Municipalities 20161122

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says his government is willing to give the provinces more money for home care and mental health services than originally promised — and annualize it — but only if they all come to an agreement on Monday.

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Alarm bells about Moscow’s meddling have been ringing in Europe for months: Brian Stewart

334 insecure internet

To view the cyberattacks on Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign as a unique offence — as many Americans seem to do — is to miss the full picture, Brian Stewart writes.

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Inside Quebec’s far right: At the crossroads with Soldiers of Odin

Soldiers of Odin

CBC News takes you inside the Soldiers of Odin as its Quebec branch finds itself at a crossroads: return to its controversial roots or moderate to broaden its appeal.

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Actor Alan Thicke dead at 69


Alan Thicke, the Canadian-born actor best known for playing the dad on the '80s sitcom Growing Pains, has died. He was 69.

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Lawsuit alleging sexual assault, misconduct in military seeks $1 billion in damages

Nadine Schultz-Nielsen - Military class-action

A class-action lawsuit filed in Ontario over alleged sexual misconduct in the Canadian military is asking for $1 billion damages. The case is one of several to hit the courts following the release of a Statistics Canada report last month that painted a bleak picture of sexual assault and abusive behaviour in the Forces.

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‘I didn’t know what else to do’: Police fail to take domestic threat seriously

Noose text

Rebecca Stepan says for years she has felt ignored by police despite repeated claims of stalking, harassment and threats from her ex-husband.

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Istanbul bomb attacks kill 29, wound 166: interior minister


Turkey's interior minister says twin blasts outside a soccer stadium in Istanbul have killed 29 people and wounded 166 others.

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Trudeau announces ‘pan-Canadian framework’ on climate — but Sask., Manitoba hold off

First Ministers 20161209

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a "pan-Canadian framework" to fight climate change and meet Canada's commitments to cut carbon emissions by 2030 — but a day of intense talks failed to get all premiers onside.

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How civil rights icon Viola Desmond helped change course of Canadian history

Viola Desmond Bank of Canada

She's often described as "Canada's Rosa Parks," but if anything, Rosa Parks is America's Viola Desmond.

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Plan to meet or exceed Canada’s 2030 climate change target to be signed on...

First Ministers Meeting

Canada's first ministers are finalizing the details of a national climate change strategy that will be officially announced at a high-level meeting in Ottawa on Friday.

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Liberals paint gloomy picture of Canada’s economy


Finance Canada is giving business leaders a decidedly gloomy picture of the Canadian economy as part of the department's pre-budget consultations.

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N.D. Indigenous leader willing to support future pipeline fights

Dave Archambault

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe chairman Dave Archambault, who has been at the centre of a contentious pipeline debate in North Dakota, says he's willing to support future pipeline fights — including those in Canada.

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‘A big victory for water protectors:’ Dakota Access Pipeline construction halted


Construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been halted, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has told Standing Rock protesters.

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‘It’s just a ploy’: North Dakota protesters reject help from officials to leave as...

Oil Pipeline

The head of North Dakota's emergency management services says the state is prepared to respond to Dakota Access pipeline protesters who may need help during a winter storm or some other crisis, but some protesters on their way to the site are it's "just a ploy" to get them out.

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‘People are dying’: Life-saving opioid antidote hard to find

Naloxone injection vials

Naloxone can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and save a person's life. The trouble is it's still hard to find in Canada.

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Air Miles cancels expiry policy — your miles are safe

air miles

Air Miles customers no longer have to worry about using up their miles before they expire. Today, the loyalty program announced it is cancelling its expiry policy that was scheduled to take effect in the coming weeks.

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Senators charge taxpayers for art, gifts, dining out and booze


Senators have charged taxpayers thousands of dollars for the rental and installation of artworks. They also claimed for dinners, gifts and an LCBO purchase. The details were published Wednesday in the Senate's latest expense disclosure report.

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Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain, Line 3 pipelines, rejects Northern Gateway

Trudeau Pipeline 20161129

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues have signed off on two major pipelines, projects that will pump nearly a million more barrels of oil a day from Alberta's oilsands to global markets, if they are constructed.

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‘He made mistakes, but still, he was a great leader’: Cubans honour Castro while...


Thousands of Cubans of all ages flocked to Revolution Square in Havana Monday to pay their final respects to Fidel Castro, a leader many acknowledged was flawed but widely beloved in the country he shaped, CBC's Mark Gollom reports from Havana.

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‘My blood ran cold’: Christiane Amanpour on Trump media comments

Christiane Amanpour

CBC's Diana Swain interviews renowned foreign correspondent Christiane Amanpour, who fears Donald Trump's comments about the media are dangerous.

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Softwood lumber hostilities resume as U.S. group files complaint

Softwood Lumber Talks 20161012

The U.S. Lumber Coalition has filed a petition asking the U.S. Department of Commerce to investigate Canadian softwood lumber shipments with an eye to potentially levying new duties, kicking off a fresh round of litigation between two countries with a long history of trade disputes.

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‘We’ve been deceived’: Many clinical trial results are never published

test tubes

A new online tool finds that between 2006 and 2014, 45 per cent of studies registered on the world's leading clinical trials database are missing results — with nine Canadian universities and research hospitals among the top 100 worst offenders.

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Lawren Harris painting Mountain Forms sells for record $11.2M at auction

Mountain Forms

A mountainscape painting by Group of Seven founder Lawren Harris has become the most expensive artwork ever to sell at a Canadian auction.

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Lawren Harris painting Mountain Forms sells for record $11.2M at auction

Mountain Forms

A mountainscape painting by Group of Seven founder Lawren Harris has become the most expensive artwork ever to sell at a Canadian auction.

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What the death of the TPP could mean for Canada


The United States and Japan were driving the bus during the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations. Now U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has stopped the bus entirely, leaving Canada without its way in to the large Japanese market.

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Trump says he will pull U.S. out of TPP on 1st day in office


U.S. president-elect Donald Trump released a video on Monday laying out actions he will take on his first day in office on Jan. 20, including withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

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Trudeau tries to ease nerves over relationship with U.S. under Trump

APTOPIX Obama Peru APEC Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and leaders from Asian and Pacific nations — so eager to cement free trade in the region — are walking out of an annual summit facing an uncertain future about the movement of goods, people and services across borders.

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China sees opportunity in Trump’s anti-trade stance, while other APEC nations want to minimize...


The Trump effect permeates every discussion here in Lima, where the leaders of 21 nations with more than half of the world's wealth between them have gathered.

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Meet Donald Trump’s new national security and law enforcement picks


Brace for impact, America. Here's what you should know about the latest picks for president-elect Donald Trump’s new law enforcement and national security teams.

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Trudeau and Argentina’s president say trade — not protectionism — will help the poor,...

Argentina Canada

Canada's prime minister and his Argentine counterpart took direct aim Thursday at the walls of protectionism set to be erected around the United States, saying that freer trade is the best way to pull their countries out of economic uncertainty.

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Developer vows to go ahead with Muslim housing project despite Quebec premier’s opposition

Nabil Warda Brossard muslim development

A tax accountant is still hoping to go ahead with a plan to build dozens of homes for Muslim families in the Montreal suburb of Brossard despite opposition from much of Quebec's political establishment, including the premier.

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‘Quite an entanglement’: Donald Trump and his potential conflicts of interest

Campaign 2016 Trump Hotel

From a lease arrangement in Washington to dealings with countries "unfriendly" to the U.S., business mogul Donald Trump brings a slew of potential conflict of interest concerns — real or perceived — to the Oval Office.

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Canada’s special forces shoot first when required in Iraq conflict


Canadian special forces soldiers in Iraq have occasionally opened fire without warning on Islamic State extremists in order to protect civilians and their Kurdish allies, military officials say.

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107 years of tackling the unsolvable conundrum of electoral reform

Question Period 20160613

Canadian society has progressed in myriad ways in the last 95 years, but the electoral reform debate seems basically the same. The newest special committee is scheduled to spend 16 hours in closed-door meetings this week as it prepares to deliver recommendations to the House of Commons.

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‘Peace cannot wait anymore’: Colombia, Marxist rebels reach new deal to end 52-year war


Colombia's government and Marxist guerillas said on Saturday they had agreed a new peace deal to end their 52-year war, six weeks after the original one was narrowly rejected in a referendum for being too lenient on the rebels.

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Trump shuffles transition team, giving roles to political veterans, his kids

2016 Election Donald Trump Profile

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has removed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as leader of his transition team, handing the reins over to vice-president-elect Mike Pence, a former U.S. lawmaker with deep Washington ties.

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3 workers safe after accident in LRT tunnel near University of Ottawa

lrt light rail tunnel collapse emergency crews

The Ministry of Labour has been called in to investigate after three workers had to seek shelter following the collapse of building material in an LRT tunnel near the University of Ottawa.

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Keystone XL will be approved ‘in the first week’: Expert

Pipeline 1

It seems clear that President-elect Trump will be good for pipelines and bad for the climate, but what about prices?

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America votes: Long lines and a lawsuit mark election day


America's ugly and unpredictable presidential election has entered its final hours, with voters flocking to polls to choose between Democrat Hillary Clinton, hoping to become the first woman to serve, and Republican Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who tapped into a searing strain of economic populism.

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Justin Trudeau announces $1.5B ocean protection plan

PMJT in Vancouver

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a $1.5-billion ocean protection plan in for responses to tanker and fuel spills in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. This follows a fuel spill from a sunken tug on the B.C. coast last month and proposed marine traffic increases if pipeline projects are approved.

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FBI announces latest Clinton emails don’t require further investigation or charges


FBI Director James Comey abruptly announced Sunday that a review of newly discovered emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton has not changed his conclusion that the Democratic presidential candidate should not face criminal charges. His announcement came in a letter to congressional lawmakers two days before election day.

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‘I should have had better sense’: Hunting guide shares story of 3 nights lost...

Randy Hilliard

During three wet, cold nights in the middle of nowhere, Randy Hilliard never thought he would be back at his kitchen table again.

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Tanker ban off B.C.’s north coast coming this year, federal transport minister says

AP Explains US Oil Exports

Federal Transportation Minister Marc Garneau is promising a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic off British Columbia’s North Coast by the end of this year, which would coincide with the government’s cabinet decision on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

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CSIS broke law by keeping sensitive metadata, Federal Court rules

Michel Coulombe

A Federal Court judge says Canada's spy agency illegally kept potentially revealing electronic data about people over a 10-year period. CSIS Director Michel Coulombe addressed the court ruling at a press conference in Ottawa Thursday afternoon.

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Few details on suspect in fatal stabbing at high school, say police

makeshift memorial abbotsford senior high school

Charges are laid in the stabbings at a high school in Abbotsford, B.C., that left one teenager dead and another wounded.

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TD hikes mortgage prime rate to 2.85%

TD Bank-mortgage rates

Toronto Dominion Bank has become the first major lender to hike its mortgage rates after Ottawa's move last month to change some of the rules that govern insured mortgages.

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Canada to welcome more skilled workers, immigrant families in 2017

Question Period 20160609

The Liberal government is boosting the base number of immigrants allowed into Canada next year to 300,000, to help drive economic growth as the country grapples with an aging demographic.

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‘He told me I had a big nose,’ mom tears up after blind son...

Benny Francey

​A blind boy from Selkirk, Man., is counting down the days until he’ll be able to see his family — something he did for the first time last week.

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Trump pounces on Clinton’s reignited email controversy as she questions the FBI’s motives

USA-ELECTION/CLINTON -- White Plains, N.Y. -- Oct. 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton's campaign lashed out at the FBI on Saturday, saying there was no indication that a cache of recently discovered emails under review by the agency was connected to the Democratic nominee. Barnstorming the West, Republican rival Donald Trump pounced on the reignited email controversy.

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Clinton-related emails came in Weiner investigation: source

Hillary Huma Weiner

The FBI will investigate whether there is classified information in newly discovered emails related to its probe of Hillary Clinton's private server, reinjecting a hotly contested political issue into the presidential campaign less than two weeks before election day.

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What’s in the declarations that sealed the Canada-EU trade deal?


As Belgium's leaders emerged Thursday to announce their CETA compromise, copies of two declarations came out. One was Belgium-specific and didn't really change anything. But the second could be a critical update to the CETA annex Canada helped draft.

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Liberals launch warship competition with call for foreign designs


The federal cabinet committee overseeing defence procurement has signed off on the tender call that will start the multi-decade, multibillion-dollar process of replacing Canadian navy warships. The Liberal government is expected to select a ship design from among several foreign competitors.

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Former Ontario nurse killed 8 elderly patients, police allege

Nursing Home Probe 20161025

A former nurse from Woodstock, Ont., has been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of nursing home patients.

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Walmart insider says ‘heartbreaking’ amount of food dumped in trash


A former worker at almost a dozen Walmart stores in the Vancouver area says he saw 'disturbing' food waste at the big retailer. On every shift at almost every store, he says, he saw loads of what appeared to be good food dumped. Walmart say it only discards inedible food.

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‘I’m terrified’: Creep Catcher vigilantes accused of threatening women who question group’s tactics


Two women say they've been threatened by members of the Creep Catcher vigilante group because they spoke out about the network of self-styled pedophile-hunters.

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Attacks that disrupted Twitter, Paypal, Spotify were just a dry run, hackers say

Hacker stolen passwords

Could millions of connected cameras, thermostats and kids' toys bring the internet to its knees? It's beginning to look that way. The hacker group claiming responsibility for Friday's attacks says it has its sights set on a much bigger target.

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Canadian parents spend a quarter of their salary on child care — a third...


Canadian families spend almost one-quarter of their income on child care, a ratio that is much higher than in other parts of the world, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development​ says.

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Sask. First Nations facing ‘state of crisis’ after 4 youth suicides

tammy cook-searson

North Saskatchewan communities learned Tuesday that a 10-year-old girl in Deschambault Lake had taken her own life. The news came as people were still reeling from the suicides of three girls, ages 12 to 14, who died in the span of four days.

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Brace for unshackled Trump vs. confident Clinton in final debate


Donald Trump is unshackled; Hillary Clinton looks unstoppable. The stage is set for Wednesday’s presidential debate as Trump gets his last major shot at widening his base and Clinton looks to score a rare clean sweep in all three of their showdowns.

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Health ministers wrap tense talks with no agreement on federal health funding

Health Minister Jane Philpott

Federal and provincial health ministers emerged from a day of tense talks in Toronto still at odds over federal funding but with a common goal of improving patient care.

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Trudeau nominates Newfoundlander Malcolm Rowe to Supreme Court

Justice Malcolm Rowe

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has nominated Newfoundlander Malcolm Rowe to the Supreme Court of Canada, ending speculation that he would snub Atlantic Canada and ignore the convention of designating a seat on the top court for the region.

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Pence says he and Trump would ‘absolutely accept’ results of ‘rigged election’


It has been a tumultuous week in the U.S. presidential campaign. Now, Donald Trump is repeating claims he's facing "rigged elections" in November, while suggesting that he and rival Hillary Clinton take drug tests before the third and final debate next week.

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Trump doubles down on claims that race is ‘a rigged election’

Campaign 2016 Trump

At a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump renewed allegations that the U.S. presidential election is rigged against him, and accused rival Hillary Clinton of being on drugs.

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Ex-Alberta premier Jim Prentice killed in B.C. plane crash with 3 others

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice

Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice was among the four people killed in a small-plane crash in British Columbia, CBC News confirms.

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Donald Trump calls sexual assault allegations ‘outright lies’

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Trump -- Oct. 13, 2016

Rocked by allegations of sexual assault, Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at his female accusers as "horrible, horrible liars" as the deeply divisive presidential campaign sank further into charges and countercharges of predatory treatment of women.

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Suspect in B.C. RCMP shooting and Saskatchewan homicide located, says city

Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket

The suspect in both a recent Saskatchewan homicide and the shooting of an RCMP officer in B.C. has been located near Revelstoke, according to the city's staff.

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From ‘locker room’ video to nasty debate: 4 tumultuous days on the U.S. election...

Campaign 2016 Debate

Those who spent the long weekend focusing on family and food might have just missed four of the most tumultuous days on the U.S. election campaign trail. It began on Friday, with the release of a video Donald Trump making crude comments, and the fallout continues.

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Trump and Clinton camps still sparring after last night’s heated debate


Donald Trump's campaign manager has dismissed the Republican presidential nominee's threat to jail Democratic rival Hillary Clinton if he wins the presidency as "a quip." Members of both parties continue to react following Sunday night's mud-slinging Trump-Clinton debate in St. Louis.

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Trump resurrects rape allegations against Bill Clinton in bid to tarnish Hillary


Hours before a make-or-break presidential debate, a defiant Donald Trump unleashed an aggressive — and politically dangerous — personal attack on Democrat Hillary Clinton Sunday by seizing on unsubstantiated rape allegations levied against her husband years ago.

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Hurricane Matthew lashes historic coastal cities, blamed for 10 U.S. deaths

Hurricane Matthew South Carolina

A fast-weakening Hurricane Matthew continued its march along the Atlantic coast Saturday, lashing two of the South's most historic cities and some of its most popular resort islands, flattening trees, swamping streets and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands.

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‘This is not over’: Hurricane sideswipes Florida coast


​Hurricane Matthew sideswiped Florida's Atlantic coast Friday, toppling trees onto homes and knocking out power to a million customers, but has spared the most heavily populated stretch of shoreline the catastrophic blow many had feared.

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‘Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate,’ says Florida governor as powerful Hurricane Matthew nears


Hurricane Matthew gained new fury after hammering central Bahamas Thursday — and the dangerous storm strengthened as it approached Florida's heavily populated Atlantic coast, pelting the region with high winds and heavy rain.

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‘A shady game’: Air Miles alters rewards program after collector complaints

Tara Wells Air Miles

After hearing complaints from customers, Air Miles says it has changed the rules for its loyalty program: members will now see rewards based on their status level rather than on their preferences.

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The high stakes of a low-profile vice-presidential debate

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence aren't household names. Tonight's vice-presidential debate may change that. But the likelihood of the debate changing the course of the campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is low.

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Trudeau gives provinces 2 years to adopt carbon price plan — or Ottawa will...

Trudeau Climate 20161003

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given provinces until 2018 to adopt a carbon pricing scheme, or the federal government will step in and impose a price. Trudeau said the government will set an initial "floor" price of $10 a tonne, rising to $50 a tonne by 2022.

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‘We will be severely affected,’ Jamaica official warns as Hurricane Matthew threatens Caribbean


As Hurricane Matthew continues its northward trek toward Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba, and residents stock up on food and take other precautionary measures, the mayor of the Jamaican capital of Kingston tells CBC that people should take the severe storm warning for the Caribbean seriously.

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Cleanup crews slammed with calls after Windsor, Ont., flood

Windsor Flood

After record rainfalls in Windsor and Tecumseh, Ont., work crews were overwhelmed with calls from homeowners with flooded basements.

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Young male pot-smokers have a lot to say about government’s legalization plans

YEAR Marijuana What Next 20141222

Canada's task force on marijuana legalization has heard a lot from one particular demographic about how to proceed: young men who smoke pot.

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‘It just never stopped’: Commuter train crashes into N.J. station

hoboken train crash group victims

Officials in New York and New Jersey say they need more information to determine what caused a commuter train to plow into a rail station at a high rate of speed killing one woman and injuring 108 people.

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So #TrumpWon? Not according to the real polls

Campaign 2016 Taxes

Donald Trump has claimed victory in Monday's presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, using online "polls" as his evidence. The only problem is those polls are bunk, and the legitimate polls show Clinton won comfortably.

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Ottawa failing to protect law-abiding Canadians from security surveillance, watchdog warns

Racial Profiling 20160107

The government is failing to protect the privacy of law-abiding Canadians under a sweeping new information-sharing regime, warns Canada's privacy watchdog. Daniel Therrien tabled his annual report in Parliament today.

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‘Hope or fear?’: Liberal fundraising email refers to ‘fundamental choice’ in U.S. election

Trudeau Nuclear Summit 20160331

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to weigh in on the U.S. election, and the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, but the Liberal Party has clearly staked out its position on the choice facing Americans ahead of tonight's debate.

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Trudeau’s pipeline remark puts focus on Pacific Northwest gas pipeline

PM Newser 20160921

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have signalled that his cabinet is prepared to sign-off on a massive natural gas pipeline project that will traverse through B.C.'s north.

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Dramatic video from wife’s cellphone shows moments before and after fatal Charlotte shooting

Charlotte Police Fatal Shooting

A video from his wife's cellphone shows the encounter leading up to the shooting death by police of Keith Lamont Scott earlier this week in Charlotte, N.C.

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Boy, 5, watches from back seat as mother, man fatally shot in car

redstone manor ne

A young boy was in the back seat of a car in a northeast Calgary garage when his mother and her boyfriend who were sitting in the front were fatally shot, in what police say appears to be a targeted, gang-related hit on Tuesday night.

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Latest effort to end ‘barbaric war’ in Syria ends in failure — and more...


In Syria, where airstrikes have become a common and deadly part of life for many, two recent attacks stand out: they highlight the international community's continued failure to work together to end years of bloodshed and war.

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Bombings were ‘act of terror,’ NYC mayor says

ABC rahami shot

A man wanted for questioning in the bombings that rocked a New York City neighbourhood and a New Jersey shore town is captured after being wounded in a gun battle with police that erupted when he was discovered sleeping in a bar doorway, authorities said.

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‘We’re not going to jump to conclusions’ about NYC bomb that injured 29, mayor...


Officials in New York City say a bomb that exploded in Manhattan's Chelsea neighbourhood, injuring 29, had parts indicating it was a homemade bomb. However, they add they have "no easy answers" about who is responsible.

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Hopes high but doubts abound as world leaders convene to tackle refugee crisis

APTOPIX EU Libya Migrants

As world leaders gather to tackle the global refugee crisis in two historic summits at the United Nations, doubts are emerging about the impact the summits will have on the world's 21 million refugees.

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McCann family’s relief over convictions in parents’ murders short-lived as legality of verdicts questioned

Bret McCann

Bret McCann says learning that the Alberta judge who convicted Travis Vader of killing his parents, Lyle and Marie McCann, may have made a legal error in his ruling is a painful prospect.

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Travis Vader convicted of 2nd-degree murder in McCann deaths

Travis Vader

Travis Vader saw two Alberta seniors as "targets of opportunity" the day he murdered them and stole their money, their SUV and their motorhome, a judge rules as he convicts the drug dealer and meth addict on two counts of second-degree murder.

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Vancouver mayor promises new vacant home tax by 2017

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

Owners of empty homes in Vancouver could soon be paying an extra two per cent tax on the properties assessed value each year, Mayor Gregor Robertson revealed this morning.

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‘A small Band-Aid on a big cut’: Vancouver firefighters race to revive fentanyl addicts


The firefighters at Vancouver's fire hall No. 2 are some of the busiest in Canada, now increasingly spending their days in Downtown Eastside reviving drug addicts who’ve overdosed on the street, as CBC found out joining a crew for a two-shift ride-along.

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Last-ditch diplomacy yields an imperfect Syria deal — and boost for Assad


The U.S.-Russia deal coming into effect at sundown tonight is aimed at ending the fighting yes, but it also reaffirms Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s longstanding view that the only battle worth fighting in his country is that against extremists. What's understood perfectly is that such reconciliation is only possible with Assad at the helm.

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P.E.I. community in danger of going underwater due to climate change

Lennox David Haley

Lennox Island, a small First Nations community in Prince Edward Island, is beginning to disappear amid the rising waters of the Atlantic Ocean, having already lost 200 acres of land in a single generation

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Emergency diverts Edmonton-bound WestJet flight to Iceland

Westjet 20160125

An Edmonton-bound WestJet flight from London, England, has landed safely in Iceland after being diverted due to a "potential mechanical issue," the airline said Saturday.

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Justice Robin Camp ‘very sorry’ for ‘knees together’ comment at sex assault trial

Federal Court Justice Robin Camp

Justice Robin Camp told a Canadian Judicial Council inquiry Friday he's "very sorry" for the comments he made to the complainant in a sexual assault trial when he was a provincial court judge in Calgary.

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Kellie Leitch calls comparisons with Donald Trump unfair


Conservative leadership contender Kellie Leitch says comparing her pitch to screen immigrants for "anti-Canadian values" with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for "extreme vetting" is unfair and misguided.

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3 generations of one family involved in Cape Spear fishing tragedy


Search and rescue officials say they are still looking to find two missing fishermen alive, after their fishing boat sank off of the coast of Cape Spear on Tuesday.

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Justin Trudeau tells Chinese leaders Canada isn’t perfect on human rights either

Justin Trudeau China Hong Kong

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrapped up his time in China today by sharing details of his meetings with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, saying he acknowledged criticisms of Canada's human rights.

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Family desperate to bring home Toronto woman stuck in Moscow over alleged clerical error

Gyulzar Julia Yakobi

A Toronto woman is stranded in Moscow and may not be able to return to Canada — all because of what she and her family claim is a simple clerical error.

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Is Vancouver’s real estate market really in free fall?

For sale in Vancouver real estate signs BC

The latest headlines about the slump in Vancouver real estate sales might have some people thinking the value of their homes is in free fall, but is that really the case?

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Tent trouble for the army as ‘streamlined’ bid process sparks lawsuit


What was pitched as a straightforward process to buy $200 million in new mobile tents for the military has gone sideways, as companies involved have launched complaints to a trade tribunal and the Federal Court of Appeal even before the contract is awarded.

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Value of new child benefit will fall without inflation adjustment, PBO says

FedElxn Liberals 20151014

Canadian families will see their payments slowly erode over time under the Liberal government's new child benefit program, says Parliament's budget watchdog.

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Mexicans wonder why their president is meeting with Trump

Mexico Embattled Presidency

Mexico's ​​President Enrique Pena Nieto awakes to a storm of criticism over his decision to meet with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is widely reviled in Mexico for referring to its migrants as "rapists" and criminals.

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Victims in crossbow killings case were mom, 2 brothers of man facing murder charges

Brett Ryan

The victims of last week's so-called crossbow killings in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough were the mother and two brothers of the man now charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

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NEB’s Energy East hearings in Montreal cancelled after protesters storm room

Energy East Hearings

The National Energy Board hearings in Montreal into the proposed Energy East pipeline were cancelled early into the proceedings Monday after protesters stormed into the room, prompting the commissioners to leave and resulting in at least two arrests.

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Penny Oleksiak among Olympians greeted by flag-waving supporters in Toronto

Olympic procession

Toronto residents are cheering Canadian Olympic athletes on Sunday morning as a procession rolls through part of the east end.

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Bangladesh police kill Canadian suspect in restaurant attack


Bangladeshi authorities say a Canadian man suspected of organizing a deadly attack on a popular restaurant in Dhaka has been killed in a police raid near the capital.

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2 Manitoba men switched at birth discover true identities at age 41


Leon Swanson and David Tait Jr. are 41-years-old and just learning they're not exactly who they thought they were.

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Canadian among the dead in Italy’s earthquake


A Canadian citizen is among the dead in the devastating earthquake in Italy that killed at least 241 people yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion says.

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‘It was a miracle,’ says nun pulled from collapsed convent during Italy earthquake

Italy earthquake nun

'It was a miracle that the man heard me from so far away,' says one of the nuns rescued from a collapsed convent in the central Italian town of Amatrice following Wednesday's strong earthquake. Others in the convent weren't so lucky. CBC correspondent Megan Williams is in Italy surveying the devastation and speaking to survivors.

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Former Saint John MP Elsie Wayne, a ‘political icon,’ dies at 84


Elsie Wayne, the former mayor of Saint John and Progressive Conservative MP, has died at age 84.

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Brazil is closing its ‘open arms’ to Syrian refugees

Abdulla Abjada

Michel Temer, Brazil's interim president, has advertised a law-and-order administration with security as a top priority. He is abandoning his predecessor's efforts to bring in more refugees.

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U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte apologizes for not being candid over alleged Rio robbery

Rio Olympics — Ryan Lochte — Aug. 12, 2016

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has apologized for his behaviour surrounding a late-night incident at a Rio de Janeiro gas station, saying he should have been more careful and candid about how he described what happened.

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Phoenix managers promised bonuses tied to performance, timely payroll system roll-out

Canada Post 20160505

Public Services and Procurement Canada confirms bonuses for senior civil servants were tied to performance targets, including keeping the roll-out of its new Phoenix computerized pay system on schedule. The NDP says that raises questions about the role of bonuses in what it calls a "rushed" roll-out.

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Anti-radicalization office to help Canada ‘up our game,’ Ralph Goodale says

Immigrant Detainees 20160815

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the Canadian government will step up its anti-terror efforts with a new office to counter radicalization that is expected to open this fall.

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University grad inspired by ‘beauty and kindness of B.C.’ faces ugly $84K foreign homebuyer...

Jing Li

A student who left China to finish her degree at the University of Saskatchewan then chose to put down permanent roots in Langley says she can't afford the $84,000 property transfer tax levied because of B.C.'s new tax on foreign homebuyers, but she also can't afford to back out of the deal.

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Can Black Lives Matter work in Brazil, where ‘repression means death’?

Oliveira & Pinhos-3

Some Brazilian activists are trying to import the American movement Black Lives Matter to Rio, where they say police repression has increased since the Olympics began.

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Aaron Driver ‘wanted to move on with his life,’ says shocked older brother

RCMP Terror 20160810

It had been a difficult few years but Aaron Driver seemed like he was doing better and was putting his peace bond and online activities behind him, his older brother says.

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Donald Trump keeps packing the powder keg: Keith Boag


Let's say Donald Trump wasn't slyly suggesting assassination as a way to stop a President Hillary Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices who would gut the Second Amendment. We're still left with Trump packing a little more gunpowder into his keg of incitements, Keith Boag writes.

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Police kill ISIS sympathizer Aaron Driver to thwart ‘terrorist threat’ in Strathroy, Ont.

Aaron Driver

Aaron Driver, who had been under a peace bond for being an ISIS sympathizer, was killed Wednesday night by police responding to what they say was "a potential terrorist threat" in the southern Ontario town of Strathroy.

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Canadian deal under fire after South Sudan army outfits police vehicles with machine-macguns

Streit armoured vehicles

Permits approving the sale of a Canadian-owned company's armoured vehicles to war-torn South Sudan were signed off by a military official, and not the African country's Interior Ministry, raising questions about whether the vehicles were intentionally diverted to the military.

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‘At the end of the street, you see total misery’: Life 2 blocks from...

Second Quilombo Pics-28

Rio's old port used to be a rundown eyesore; now it sparkles. Its square, Praca Maua, is the centrepiece of Rio's multibillion-dollar Olympic beautification. But residents who live just a few blocks away aren't convinced all the expense was worth it.

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Girl who had heart transplant among 5 dead in apparent murder-suicide

APTOPIX Five Die-Pennsylvania

A couple featured in news stories about their difficulties getting medication for a daughter who had a heart transplant are found shot to death in their home along with their three children.

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Man’s wife AND his girlfriend place dueling obituaries in same newspaper

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A man in New Jersey was loved so much that both his wife and girlfriend placed two different obituaries in the same...

‘Total con job’: Olympics yet to win over residents of host city

rio children

Even with the biggest sporting event in the world now in the starting blocks, the response to the Olympics from many in Rio de Janeiro is anger and frustration.

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3 charged with 1st-degree murder after man found dead in driveway of N.L. town

Paul Connolly

Police say they have arrested three people in connection with the abduction and murder of Steven Miller in Conception Bay South, N.L.

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