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Chrissy Teigen Pays Fan’s Tuition For Beauty School And Brings Twitter To Tears

Mercedes Edney, an independent skin care consultant and the owner of Ixora Botanical Beauty, recently had an online fundraiser to help her pay her way through beauty school. With a goal of $6,000, it had been running for a month, and picked up about $400. 

That is until one generous follower decided to donate the difference. That follower? Chrissy Teigen, of course. 

As you can imagine, Edney was pretty excited. 

Teigen responded by saying that she'd donated so that Edney could peruse her dreams. 

Edney was blown away, and said that she's already used the money to pay the school.

People were pretty impressed by the show of generosity. 

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Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Sing a Song For The Troops

Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Sing a Song For The Troops

Adam Sandler is famous for being one of the goofiest guys in Hollywood, but he has a serious side. And part of that includes loving America. So while visiting, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the two performed a country song for our troops.   

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Ben Affleck Solo

Ben Affleck Has Written His Own Batman Script

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John Oliver Buys 15 Million Dollars Of Medical Debt And Forgives It All

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Justin Bieber jumps into a kids’ soccer game at a park in L.A. He’s dribbling, he’s scoring, he’s … not passing much.   https://youtu.be/Eku6GrbNsTE
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Poor Ben Affleck Is Sad Over Negative Batman Reviews

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Dana Carvey Performs Hilarious Trump, Bernie, And Hillary Impressions

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People Can’t Believe How Hot Young Justin Trudeau Was

I bet many of us will agree that Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau is great. Not only does the man support great causes like the Women’s March, but he also personally greeted Syrian refugees at the airport, he marched in Toronto's Pride Parade, he's fighting to reduce childhood poverty, and, well, he's hot as hell. And he always has been.
Blake Shelton Eats At S Sushi Restaurant For First Time With Jimmy Fallon

Blake Shelton Eats At Sushi Restaurant For First Time With Jimmy Fallon

Country music star Blake Shelton has certainly been around the block more than a few times as a famous American country star. But somehow, he has never had real sushi before. You know, the raw stuff. So Jimmy Fallon took him out to an authentic Japanese restaurant to taste the far East delicacy for the first time.   

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Lot's can happen in a few decades. New technologies, trends, styles, etc... But have you ever taken the time to check out how our current superheroes have changed from their origins? Batman, Superman, Iron Man - they've all changed. Just try to imagine them without their bad-ass costumes and gadgets... Can't? Check out this list of the evolution of different superheroes compiled by Bored Panda. (via boredpanda)

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John Cena speaking Mandarin

John Cena speaking Mandarin

We live in a new, much smaller world. China now has a much great influence in the world than ever before in modern times. This video by the WWE truly demonstrates this fact. No one would ever imagine they would hear wrestling star John Cena speaking Mandarin but that day has finally come.  

Ubisoft confirms Tom Hardy is still in the Splinter Cell movie, 4 years later

Tom Hardy's star has risen quite a bit since he was attached to the Splinter Cell film adaptation way back in 2012, but he's definitely still on...

This ‘Luxury’ Island Festival Has Devolved Into A Real Life Lord Of The Flies

Sometimes when social elitism and technology come together, it yields disastrous results. Like the $1,000 "I Am Rich" iPhone app that basically just put an icon on your iPhone that let the world knew you were an idiot for dropping a grand on a little jpeg.

But there's an even bigger failure that melds the use of our modern consumer technology with people's desires to live extravagant lifestyles.

And that is the train wreck that is the Fyre Festival. Twitter user Iron Spike breaks down the madness that was supposed to be a "premium" party experience.

Sounds like a wealthy partygoer's paradise, right?

But there were signs well before the truth came out that this party wasn't what it seemed.

Then once people started arriving, the truth came out: the Fyre Festival was actually a Dumpster Fyre.

That's right, the "luxury" cabanas guests paid thousands of dollars to stay in were relief tents, you know, the ones used for refugees?

The food situation was equally bad. This was what you got for paying extra for a catered "meal."

It was obvious to everyone who showed up that this thing was doomed from the start.

Festival -goers were horrified by what they found when they came to the island.

It became a full-blow disaster.

The Fyre Festival stories on social media are just sad. As one Twitter user put, it's "like watching dreams die in vertical video." I can't think of any way to put it any better.

While on the island, partygoers found a notebook which revealed that Fyre Festival was pretty much doomed from the start.

Pages from the book prove that two weeks before the festival, permits weren't set and most preliminary work wasn't done.

It looks like it was all being developed by one Tom Haverford-esque dude who had delusions of grandeur but zero know-how.

Fyre Festival's twitter account shows just how much of a crapshoot the entire event was. 

Within a span of 5 hours the festival planner(s) went from, "we're gonna fix it" to "we've got to cancel and refund everyone."

I just feel bad for the poor kids who wanted to be a part of something cool and blew all their time and savings on what ended up being a disaster.

But it's hard to be too sympathetic.


Teen Heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is All Grown Up

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10 Gone Viral Mind Blowing Facts You Never Knew

Here are 10 random facts that we bet you never knew...            

Hillary And Bernie Reminisce About Their Campaigns At A Bar

The media has called it months ago. Hillary will be the first female presidential candidate running for the Democratic Party. But the Democratic primary isn’t over yet. Bernie Sanders is still in it.  Saturday Night Live brought the two liberal candidates to life in this cold open.   

Tennis Trick Shots With Serena Williams

When you think professional sports you think of LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning. When you think of professional tennis only one name comes to mind: Serena Williams. The trick shot boys of Dude Perfect were lucky enough to try out some epic trick shots with the famous tennis queen.   

Fantastic Four Could Lead To $60 Million Loss For Fox

A box office analyst is projecting that Fantastic Four cold end up losing Fox as much as $60 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Barton Crockett, an analyst at...

Jeff Goldblum Set Up A Food Truck To Hand Out Free Sausages And People...

I'm kind of in love with Jeff Goldblum. Sure, the fact that the guy is super handsome, tall, and has a great head of hair helps. So does the fact that he was the lead in one of the most terrifying movies I've ever watched as a child

But it mostly has to do with the fact that in all of his roles, he seems to play the guy who always knows better. Always one step ahead of the other guys, always the person who has a problem with something and is ready to say, "I told you so." And he does it perfectly, because the guy's super intelligent.

Mostly when I enjoy his performances, I don't think about any of that, because there's no way I'm going to out-think the always pensive Goldblum.

So I'm not going to try and understand why the man handed out free sausages in Sydney, Australia.

Yes, that's right, the Jurassic Park star was just doling out free sausages to people in Sydney from his own food truck titled "Chef Goldblum's Jazzy Snags."

He's just chatting it up with fans who enjoyed their free sausages and time spent with one of the coolest actors ever.

Does it have to do with the news that Goldblum's going to star in the next Jurassic World movie?

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are returning to the movie, too. Will Jeff be responsible for on-set catering, giving delicious sausage sandwiches to the cast and crew, while reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm?

People were understandably excited about the wonderfully random event.

Others desperately tried to find Chef Goldblum and his delicious sausages.

Others lamented that they weren't present to witness such a fantastic event.

Hopefully this becomes a recurring thing the actor does. Jeff, if you're planning on coming to NYC, I've got a better recommendation: an awesome Northern New Jersey town that'll be way more chill. So what if I happen to live there? That's purely a coincidence.

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