Amelia Wedemeyer started a brilliant Twitter thread where she managed to find a different Ben Affleck for pretty much every Dunkin’ Donuts beverage out there.

When you think of Massachussets, a few things probably come to mind. The Departed, Good Will Hunting, exaggerated Southie accents, and cobblestone streets that ruin your caahhh. And maybe the Boston Strangler

If you’re normal, unlike me, you also probably think of Dunkin’ Donuts. There’s nothing more Massachussetts than the Double-D and the very particular clientele that frequents such a fine coffee and pastry and sandwiches-that-taste-like-sand-and-warm-germs establishment.

It’s such a trope that even Saturday Night Live managed to make a skit about it when they remembered they weren’t The Daily Show for a second. And wouldn’t you know it? The sketch starred an Affleck!

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