Although Carrie-Anne had a career in acting before The Matrix, Trinity was her real breakout role. “It gave me so much,” she said of her experience working on the movie, which allowed her to go on to star in Chocolat, Red Planet, Memento and Disturbia

Carrie-Anne is a regular on the sci-fi series Humans and had a recurring role on Netflix’s Jessica Jones as Jeri Hogarth, a character whose gender was changed from male specifically so Carrie-Anne could play the part. 

In addition to acting, Carrie-Anne has also launched a women’s platform called Annapurna Living, which offers online courses to “build community for support, create conversations to empower, and give women strategies to turn the simple into the majestic.”

If you’d like to follow her Instagram account (her bio, “Recognize the other person is you” is uncannily reminiscent of The Matrix), check out her page here.

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