“It was a way to really reinvigorate the love triangle, but to tell totally different stories, which felt really exciting to me, and raises interesting questions about the soul, and soulmates, and what makes a person,” the executive producer revealed. 

Jennie also teased how Jane will handle Michael’s new identity as the season progresses. “Her intention right now is to help him, take him around but still keep him separate from her life so that her life can keep moving forward,” she said before adding, “So that’s the plan, and then of course as plans go, they get shredded and rewritten as you go, so it’s obviously going to become more complicated.”

Why does Michael have amnesia? 

Though Rose was clearly out for revenge when she wiped Michael’s memory, her endgame still remains a mystery. We know the criminal is doing all sorts of brainwashing, but its unclear whether she’s using Michael as part of some bigger plan. 

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