Shortly after that post, Tanya informed fans that there would not be a Little Women reunion following Season 4. “I do NOT know why,” she wrote on Instagram. “It would have been LIT! But that’s out of my hands, I do not make these choices. If you have any concerns please reach out to @lifetimetv because I will not be responding anymore to this question being asked.”

In a post from May, the herbalist — who runs her own health and wellness company — told followers she’s “more than the personality that you’ve met on your screen!”

“I love gardening, cooking, everything that has to do with hot weather, dancing, singing, writing music, yoga, mental health, FOOD and I’m plant based and choose not to categorize myself, I do what works for me,” she expressed. “I love thrift stores, and wicker anything! I’m a fairy, I intuitively create healing plans and products with all of mother nature’s plants and herbs and I have a passion for healing!”

There’s been some speculation that Tanya quit the series to focus on her business, though she’s already hopped back into the reality TV game. The entrepreneur appears on the Zeus original series, You’re My Boooyfriend, which looks like some sort of dating show, though the description is confusing AF.

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