“WTF is Tickle doing drinking moonshine while he’s on probation…  just got outta jail and already headed back,” one viewer tweeted. Another added, ” Tickle pickle doesn’t know how to stay out of jail. A year in the slammer. He does the crime and he does the time.”

However, Tickle does regret ending up behind bars. 

“Do I have regrets? Well, of course I have regrets. Everyone has regrets,” he said. “But I’l tell you what, you can get a lot of stuff back in your life, but one thing you can not get back is time.”  

He continued, “I missed a whole lot of stuff while I’ve been in jail. My daughter going to college. I wasn’t there to take her and set her up in her dorm room and stuff. Being there for my mom, my dad died last year. These are things I found you can’t get back.”

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