As Brit is being loaded into an ambulance, Hap begins speaking with an English accent and identifies himself as Jason Isaacs, aka the actor who plays him. He tells the EMT that Brit is his wife. Follow-up question: Does this revelation that Brit and Jason are essentially playing themselves confirm that The OA is actually a TV show inside a TV show?

The episode ends with the arrival of Steve, who bursts into the moving ambulance. Hap/Jason Isaacs is startled to see him and becomes even more unnerved when the student sinisterly says, “Hello, Hap.” Clearly, Jason’s former identity hasn’t completely been stripped away by this jump to another dimension. 

In response to that final scene, Jason told TV Guide in an interview, “That’s really not going according to plan for [Hap] … [Hap] is actually thinking, ‘Oh f–k, what’s [Steve] doing here?’ Now what is [Hap] going to do?”

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