Two of the three employees he ambushed with the stuff (that third one is a mensch) had to be rushed to the hospital because they experienced dizziness.

It probably looked weird to upper management that two employees were experiencing the same symptoms at the same exact time — and possibly freaking out hardcore — so they began questioning the workers.

This 19-year-old, bless his heart, fessed up to the fact that he spiked their drinks in an attempt to dispel the “negative energy” plaguing his workplace.

He was immediately arrested and jailed, but was subsequently released. He hasn’t had any charges filed against him as of yet, though the offense carries potential charges for second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance if authorities do decide to throw the book at him.

To literally no one’s surprise, the young man’s been relieved of his job at Enterprise, so he’ll be looking for a new gig, presumably one that’s cool with surprise drug trips. I hear the restaurant industry’s good for that sort of thing.

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