A Maryland woman suffered a stroke induced in part by a physically demanding yoga technique.

Anyone who’s ever clanged and banged in a weight room like a good bro will have at least one, “I almost passed out” story. It usually involves deadlifts and a certain feeling of anger. The weights sit there, mocking you, and you feel every little thing you can’t conquer in your life being absorbed by them. So you head over to that bar and try to pull it.

A few things can happen as a result. You might realize it’s too heavy, offload a bit, and then go again. Or, you might actually maintain good form, pull off the lift, and feel like Superman. Third, you could perform the lift incorrectly, go through with it, mess up your back, and pass out. Even the most seasoned pros, when trying to hit their max, end up either vomiting or having blood shoot out of their nose. It isn’t pretty.

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