Of course, there’s been some push back against GoFundMe from, you guessed it, anti-vaxxers themselves. Health Choice Connecticut’s Executive Vice President, Melissa Sullivan, said the GoFundMe’s decision is a “violation of the First Amendment.”

Sullivan went on to say that, “Whether you believe it’s true or not, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would hope they would reconsider. This movement needs to be able to get funds in order to fight pharma giants like Merck and other vaccine manufacturers.”

Like a lot of the anti-vaxx propaganda online, Sullivan’s claim that GoFundMe is violating the first amendment is false: the amendment doesn’t apply to private businesses’ freedom to decide who they do business with. Putting my “ahctually” hat on as well: opinion is saying that you prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate — not saying vaccines cause autism when the overwhelming majority of the world’s doctors and medical professionals have research suggesting the opposite.

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