“It was a crazy year for me,” Rick explained to Channel Guide. “Obviously, I spent the beginning of the year with my mom until she passed, and then I really only had about two and a half weeks to plan for this season, where most of the time you’d want probably a year or more, so it was pretty much a frantic, just throwing stuff together, getting some people together, and just getting up there and then putting in the work and really just rolling with the punches and kind of flying by the seat of my pants all summer.” 

He continued, “The guys that I picked, I knew would be up for it. In my mind, I also thought that that was a bad idea, honestly, because I did have everything that I own on the line, and so I thought about just trying to put together a crew of people that had lots of experience, but ultimately, I’ve had a lot of success up there with mining, and I did have the confidence that I could hopefully make this work this year. I just didn’t feel like sharing that with strangers. I wanted to try and give that to my friends, as well. That’s ultimately how I made my decision.” 

It looks like Rick made the right call. 

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