On a particularly rough day, Jessica had an internet technician from Spectrum Internet come to the house to help set up her service and get streaming to her TV working properly. Technician Robert walked into what Jessica described as “a mess.” Her son was crying and she was trying to tend to his needs while ensuring her daughter wasn’t ignored either.

When Robert walked in and started speaking to Jessica about the setup process, Sailor heard him and began walking in his direction. He then stood right before the technician with his hands stretching upward, indicating that he wanted to be lifted up and held.

Robert didn’t skip a beat. He picked him up immediately. Jessica was floored. For the next 45 minutes, Robert worked, spoke with Jessica, and picked up, comforted, and cuddled Sailor intermittently.

Jessica was touched by his kindness and had to praise him for going above and beyond the call of duty.

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