Florence Fang might sound like a cartoon villain who wears lion pelts, and her choice in home design is just as eccentric and tragically full of flair. In addition to the Flintstones-Push-Pop inspired color scheme and structures that look like they belong more in The Lorax than real life, she’s really driven the Yabba Dabba Doo element home. She literally has Yabba Dabba spelled out on her lawn.

If that wasn’t enough to communicate her love for the prehistoric cartoon version of the Honeymooners, Florence also  decked out her front lawn entirely in dinosaurs, animal statues, and other weird little lawn ornaments. The “lawn” itself looks like Astroturf and something that any kid would love to play on on a daily basis. I mean she’s got a spinosaurus, a triceratops, a mastodon, and a brachiosaurus in her yard.

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