Though one would think their harrowing experience would bond these three women together for life, it seems complicated six years after they gained their freedom. “We’re two different people,” Amanda told People in 2018. “We all went through something really, really bad that probably only the three of us will ever understand. I wish her the best in the future.”

Though neither woman indicates a clear reason why they don’t stay in touch with Michelle, Gina alludes to mind games their captor would play to put the women against each other. “Michelle and Amanda were struggling because I think [Castro] was playing them against each other so, I think, they never got along.” For her part, Gina says she and Michelle got to know everything about each other, having spent several years chained together in the same room,. but as of the five-year anniversary of their release, the two hadn’t spoken in more than a year. 

Upon her book’s release, Michelle explained, “I’m letting them go their own way and they’re letting me go my way. In the end, I hope that we get back together again.”

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