A lot of people are “swiping left” on this guy’s Tinder profile, because he thought it’d be a fun idea to get his potential matches performing math problems in their head.

Being single is tough and it’s because loneliness, at least for me, is a horribly uncomfortable feeling that I can’t get used to. I’d beat myself up before going out on a date and even if I knew it probably wasn’t going to work out with that person, I still had that slight glimmer of hope in my stomach that we’d hit it off.

But that’s even if it gets to the point where you want to go out on a date with somebody. Often you’ll find yourself sloughing through tons of profiles of people who are either painfully uninteresting and/or not that physically attractive (to you). And you know that tons of people are probably thinking the same exact thing about you.

Even worse is when you’ve been around the dating block more than once, you start to develop biases. Had a bad experience with someone who was a waiter or waitress? You’re going to think twice about everyone that crosses your path. Oh their profile says they’re a model or actor? Probably means they’re broke. They work in finance? They’re either a douche or a total nerd. Unemployed? What a lazy bum.

Again, these are all personal biases and aren’t necessarily true, but in the world of online dating you only have so many photos and bits of texts to make an impression on someone, so you need to get creative to try and defy these biases to get someone who’s actually interested enough to want to text/talk to you.

One guy thought that he’d hit two birds with one stone: he came up with the out-of-the-box idea to have potential matches perform math problems, while simultaneously “screening” them to find out if they’re dating material or not.

It’s a plan that seems to have backfired. Immensely.

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