“But we stressed that if this was their feeling it’s important to vocalise this exactly, rather than leaving the child ruminating over the parent’s intentions and second guessing why they said what they said.”

What an incredibly wholesome interaction. Remmington said in an interview with Bored Panda that he wasn’t expecting the interaction at all when the man first began to ask if he and his friend were gay. 

“My first impression was that he seemed nice as he chatted which is more than what tends to happen with people you sit next to in Vegas at the slots. That said, I didn’t expect it to take this turn at all.”

“The relationship between him and his son has a 100% future – he was a wonderful and caring man, despite what he said was quite a difficult town to grow up in if you’re at all different. I wish all fathers could be like him.” 

Remmington also stated on Twitter that since the thread has gone viral, he has received over 50 messages from parents who said they used his advice to talk to their children. 

“Also on a purely selfish level the joy I’m getting reading all these messages is overwhelming,” Remmington wrote. “Obviously can’t share them but just know that there are so many happy queer kids telling me beautiful stories in my DMs all because of this wonderful dad and the conversation he started.”

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