As for suggestions that the series might be coming to an end, an announcement of that nature shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans. Matt and Amy’s son, Jeremy, and his wife, Audrey, told their social media followers last year that they wouldn’t be participating in any future episodes. And the pair’s youngest son, Jacob, distanced himself from the show around the time of his parents’ divorce.

In a 2017 post on his blog, “Rock & Roloff,” Jacob referred to himself as lucky for “getting out” of the reality TV cycle. “I see the money I have earned and the vacations I was lucky enough to go on as ‘compensatory,’ for lack of a better word, for a tainted childhood,” he wrote. 

“I had tons of fun and so many opportunities and friendships, and also anger, frustration… the myriad of emotions. However; money, things, and trips — all material — cannot ultimately compensate for the immaterial experiences of a childhood innocently experienced.”

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