“So Shele went about her day,” it continues. “Work, a quick drink with friends, and then home to her kids by 8. That’s when their visitation with their father, who lived across the hall, ended. After the kids went to bed, Shele logged into her dating profile. The next morning, her daughter found Shele in the bathroom. At first glance, it appeared she’d had a terrible accident getting in or out of the full bathtub. But why would Shele have taken a bath? She knew it would ruin her hair…”

Her husband, Rod Covlin, was just found guilty of Shele’s murder.

Roderick Covlin, 45, was found guilty of killing his wife just two days ago, nine years after the murder. His motive? She’d just served him with divorce papers and wanted to cut him out of her will, and he, an unemployed failed stockbroker, was desperate for her $5 million estate. When their daughter Anna, who was 9 at the time, discovered her mother, she called her father who acted super innocent toward police and family and claimed to even try to revive Shele.

Covlin almost got away with the murder, too, considering Shele’s Orthodox Jewish family decided to bury her without an autopsy. But today, despite the fact that “the wheels of justice turn very slowly,” her family is relieved they “finally, after nine years, … have justice for our beloved Shele.”

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