The last scene we saw Dwight in TWD, he made it to a house Sherry was previously living in and stumbled upon a personal note for him stating “honeymoon.” 

Fans of the show many remember that the two had a previous conversation that their honeymoon would be pretzels and beer. When Dwight was initially searching for Sherry, he left a bag of pretzels and beer in the abandoned house hoping she would find it. Now, it has been confirmed that she did as the pretzels were eaten, the beer was gone, and all that was left was the “honeymoon” note.

Will Dwight be making an unexpected return to the show?

While Austin may not be returning to The Walking Dead just yet, he is reprising his character in the spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. In new stills from Season 5 of the AMC series, we see Dwight carrying around an axe with blood on his shirt.

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