On Season 8 of Moonshiners, Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes are hoping to find a hidden stash of moonshine left behind by the late Popcorn Sutton. 

Both Mark and Digger credit their success in the moonshine business to Popcorn and his partner, Jim Tom Hendrick, another moonshine veteran. 

“Of all the old time shiners left in the Appalachia, none are more famous for their rye liquor than master distiller Jim Tom,” the show said of Jim Tom in 2015. “This legendary outlaw has over 50 years of experience building copper stills and perfecting his own distinct brand of white lightning.”  

However, fans have noticed Jim Tom is missing in action on the Discovery Channel series, and want to know what happened to the moonshine legend. 

So, did Jim Tom on Moonshiners die? 

Nope. Jim Tom, 79, has gone legitimate (for the most part) when it comes to the making and distribution of his famous “Unaged Rye.” He has teamed up with Mark and Digger to create the Sugarlands Distilling Co., where he is featured on the company’s website.

“Jim Tom is a legendary moonshiner, master storyteller, and still maker,” his bio reads. “Over the years, he has become one of the most skilled moonshiners in Appalachian and his original hand-crafted spirits were in high demand throughout the South. Today, Jim Tom is passing his lifetime of experience on to a new generation of distillers.” 

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