While Uche Ndubizu (pronounced oo-chay) may have been hoping to hit a high note with the judges — Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan— during his American Idol audition, his first song choice fell a bit flat.

 Uche gave a pop-centric rendition of Christina Aguliera’s hit song “Ain’t No Other Man” but coupled with some explosive dance moves, the judges were less than impressed. Luckily, Katy decided to give the Idol contender another chance and asked the 24-year-old to “stand still and sing.” Uche then showed off his vocal range with a gospel song — but still, not all the judges were impressed. 

 “I’m going to give you a vote of no, based on I don’t know if the last song was actually closer to what your voice is going to be,” Lionel told Uche. 

However, Uche was able to impress Lionel at the last minute. 

It wasn’t until Katy asked Uche who his musical influences are — he named Prince, George Clinton, and Bootsy Collins — that it clicked for Lionel. “Now that you’ve said that, I was trying to rack my brain. It’s Bootsy. You’ve got it,” Lionel explained. “This may sound very strange, but if you can pull off what you just said, you’ve got a shot at this. But, you’ve got to bring those guys.” 

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