Even though they’ve split, the duo certainly appears amicable. A few days after he confirmed their breakup, Blake posted a video on Facebook of the funniest Jen and BatDad moments. As for Jen’s page, her bio still reads: “Yes, BatDad is my husband.”

In an interview with TODAY from 2013, Blake admitted that his character often annoys his wife. “I feel bad for her,” he said at the time. But the voice, he explained, “makes people smile because it’s so stupid.”

When speaking to PBS News Hour in 2014, the then 30-year-old gave a shout-out to Jen for her heroic parenting. “I think the superpower, if there is one, is being able to read your partner,” he expressed. “Reading what they’re feeling. Being able to recognize the signals and knowing when your partner needs a little more help than normal. That’s huge when you’re raising a family.”

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