After seeing how much Jeffree Star spends on handbags, you might worry about his financial future. Honey, a b—h is just fine. The YouTube personality and makeup mogul is, in fact, loaded. He’s reportedly pulling down $50 million a year — more than enough to justify having a few Birkins in the closet. 

But how did he get all his money, you might ask? The short answer is he’s got his perfectly manicured fingers in a lot of pies.

First, his YouTube earnings are nothing to sneeze at.

Though it’s not where the bulk of his money comes from, Jeffree is doing very well for himself on YouTube as one of the most popular creators on the platform. He currently has 13.6 million subscribers and shows no signs of stopping, and it’s estimated his videos pull in up to $35K a week. However, that’s substantially lower than, say, PewDiePie, who reportedly makes around $7M a year on his channel (nearly half of which YouTube pockets). While it’s safe to say Jeffree rakes in an easy six-figure salary from his channel, it’s definitely not his main gig.

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