“Are you f–king kidding me?” she asks her boo in a subsequent clip. “This is my sexuality as a person. I don’t talk about that stuff openly with the entire f–king world.” TBQH, we’re furious for Ariana as sexuality is a personal affair and it’s no one’s business to be outing her bedroom preferences. Much less her boyfriend, whom she trusts, to a group of immature adult males — and much, much less on camera for the whole world to see. Just dump him, bb. 

If you ask Ariana, labels aren’t really her thing. But she admits to being fluid.

Ariana’s tryst with Lala wouldn’t be the first time the 33-year-old has experimented with same-sex hookups. Back in 2017, when Ariana and her BFF Scheana Marie, 31, spoke with The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Undergaro, the pair revealed they’d hooked up before.

“It was when Tom and I were, kind, first started dating, like, it was pretty early on. And like, Tom and Tom [Schwartz] decided to come to Vegas cause they knew we were in Vegas,” Ariana admitted. “And then, like, at one point, we all went out together, and then Scheana and I kinda like disappeared off in the casino somewhere together. And then they, like, found us… I think he was kinda like, what the??”

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