“Even though my daughters will see him and text with him all the time, Milania lashes out,” Teresa explained on the show, “and it affects her at school. She gets frustrated easily. I want her to express herself and Nitt suggested singing and rapping could help her get through this hard time.” 

In the catchy song, Milania starts by introducing herself: “Hey, it’s me, Milania. I’m sure you’ve seen me around. You’ve probably seen me on TV.” She then raps about her goals and dreams, singing, “We ain’t chasing boys / We chasing checks / We chasing dreams / We chasing goals / Big things popping, little things stopping.” 

In the chorus, Milania opens up even more, adding, “I can’t wait to grow up / I got plans to blow up / Mama said it ain’t easy but I don’t care, so what? And our parents told us / don’t be too quick to grow up / Dad said it ain’t easy but I don’t care, so what?” 

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