But the show is still unmistakably British, with its British cast (including Gillian Anderson, who is a dual citizen of the U.S. and U.K.), very British snacks (Curly Wurly and Wotsits, anyone?), and production company. They also seem to be in on the show universe’s strange obsession with U.S. pop culture, with Otis even pointing out that the prom they attend in the penultimate episode is an American tradition.

(There were also some obvious call-backs to Pretty in Pink, like Steve’s very Ducky choice to wear a bolo tie with his tux.)

Can I get the soundtrack to ‘Sex Education’?

Another way the show gets that nostalgic ’80s teen comedy vibe is through the soundtrack, which features a ton of ’80s hits, and the score by Ezra Furman. The throwback songs peppered through the show remind us of another hit for Netflix, 13 Reasons Why. Just like with that teen drama, people are already recreating the show’s soundtrack on YouTube and Spotify

Or you can just do what I’m doing and watch the entire season on repeat as your daily playlist.

Sex Education is currently streaming on Netflix.

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