The CW’s newest show, Roswell, New Mexico is generating some buzz due to its decent reviews and political undertones and commentaries on immigrant. But also for another reason— people have the same recurring question about the show:

So, is Roswell, New Mexico a remake?

The year is 1999, Fight Club just came out. Guys were still rocking frosted tips, Carlos Santana’s Supernatural was album of the year because radio stations wouldn’t stop playing, “Smooth” over and over again, and Roswell made its debut on The WB.

The new CW show takes the older program’s sci-fi premise: three orphaned aliens, (Max, Isobel, and Michael) all live in Roswell, New Mexico. The town that’s supposed to be home to the storied Area 51.

Like any self-respecting supernatural teen drama, each of these orphaned non-human, but totally hot-looking human-beings rock their own distinct superpowers.

Similar to the first show, one of the show’s leads, Liz, returns to Roswell to visit her father. During her trip, one of the aliens saves her life using his power, thus planting the seed for some dramatic, secret-keeping tension throughout the series.

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