After the announcement of David’s firing from MTV, the couple claimed he chose to leave the show. “MTV never fired me. I don’t know who posted the thing on Twitter from the MTV account,” he said regarding MTV’s statement. “Whoever runs MTV’s social media is not the ‘boss man.’ That’s not the person who makes the rules… They never called me and told me I was fired. They never said I’m not getting my money.”

Jenelle and David’s violent history: 

However, offensive tweets are the least of MTV’s worries when it comes to David. Along with his sub-par social media skills, David was recently accused of getting in a fight with Jenelle, 26, resulting in a broken collarbone. In a 911 call, Jenelle claimed David pinned her down. However, she later changed her story, saying she tripped and fell by a bonfire, and called the incident “a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding.” 

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