Everyone has that friend or acquaintance they never hear from until they need a favor. What makes a bad thing worse is when the freeloader has the nerve to give attitude when you tell them “no.”

You’d think people would have a little bit more shame and humility when hitting people up out of the blue in the hopes of getting something for free, but, if the internet has taught us anything, some individuals immediately become the worst versions of themselves when they don’t get their ways.

Like this woman who wanted to use her “friend’s” Hulu account. The one who subscribed to the streaming service was reluctant to give out their password, given the nature of their relationship.

The “friend’s” subsequent response to being denied shows this poster made the right choice.


Ahh yes, the whole “my money is more important than your money” logic, don’t you just love that?

That’s probably exactly what was going through this next college student’s head when they reached out to a mutual classmate and solicited their artistic services. The requester’s desire was a simple one: a drawing of themselves on a 9×12 sheet of paper.

The artist’s quote was more than reasonable: $50.


The requester was flummoxed that the fellow student would “charge for these things” and begged her to do it for free, playing the broke college student sympathy card. Maybe if you’re a broke-ass college student, don’t get a drawing done of yourself if you can’t afford it and save your money for tuition and food or whatever.

She also completely ignores the fact that the artist she’s trying to bully into doing free work is also a broke-ass college student, too.


After refusing the generous offer of $0 for hours of hard work, the requester salted the earth by attacking the artist’s quality o work. That totally makes sense, since she was begging her for a drawing a few minutes earlier. Let’s hope she’s not taking Foundations of Logic in college, because she doesn’t have a strong grasp of the subject.

“Friends” looking for discounts are nothing new. Just try and sell something on Facebook and watch the DMs roll in. Like this guy who tried selling a pair of expensive headphones.


The conversation ends in a threat to call the police. Somehow he’s going to try and prove “scamming” as a cause. I sincerely hope he tried to pull that off, and would love to know what the cops’ response was.

Then there are those past acquaintances who greatly misunderstood the nature of your relationship and think you’re a selfish dirtbag if you won’t inconvenience yourself on their behalf. Like this charming fella who thought he’d ask someone he barely know if he could borrow their car.


Oh no, please don’t block me after verbally abusing me. Whatever will I do?”

If you needed a car that badly for the weekend, you probably shouldn’t hedge all of your bets on borrowing one from someone you haven’t spoken to in years.

The same goes for this couple who wanted an acquaintance to be their wedding photographer practically for free.


Just because they went to school with someone who is now a professional photographer by trade, they thought they’d be able to secure services for under $128.

Only problem is, they weren’t really friends, and close friends would never request such a big discount in the first place.


They ultimately decided to hire a university student to capture their special day for less than half that price (good luck). I hate to break it to them, but photographers kinda know what they’re doing — their whole job is to make you look good. So best of luck to the couple.

Who I don’t wish any luck to is this person: the friend of someone’s ex who has been mooching off their Netflix account, and then has the nerve to call them cheap after they change their password and won’t share it.



I don’t know why our species is the worst, but on behalf of all human beings, to any alien races or any other beings out there that are reading this: I’m sorry.

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