Who’s in The Passage

Joining the former Saved By the Bell star in the cast is Lost alum Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Dr. Lear, and Deadwood actor Ian McShane as Dr. Tim Fanning. Other big names set to appear on The Passage include Emmanuelle Chriqui (Dr. Wolgast’s ex-wife Dr. Lila Kyle), Kecia Lewis (Dr. Wolgast’s sister Lacey), and Caroline Chikezie as Dr. Sykes. 

However, viewers should keep an eye out for the 12-year-old actress Saniyya Sidney, who revealed she had no idea about Mark-Paul’s iconic ’90s character. “It was really funny. He was like, ‘I played Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell.’ And I was like, ‘Zack Morris? Zack? The only Zack I know is Zac Efron, which is my husband, so I don’t know who you are,’ but I was like, ‘Oh, OK,'” she told BlackGirlNerds. “But it was cool because, you know, we talked so much to get to know each other.”

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