The first season of Twin Peaks teased a heavy attraction between Audrey Horne and Agent Dale Cooper, but his gentlemanliness had him shrugging off her advances. Or at least, that was the excuse. Although Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan kept things strictly professional, the Special Agent had an off-screen romance with another castmate: Lara Flynn Boyle. And well, let’s just say Donna was the iceberg for the Audrey and Agent Cooper ship.

“So [MacLachlan’s] girlfriend, Lara Flynn Boyle, kiboshes an astonishing thing,” Sherilyn shared on the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast. I remember saying, ‘David, is this how it goes? An actor complains, because she’s the girlfriend, and then you change?’”

Yup. It was written that Dale couldn’t pursue Audrey because she was “too young” (Sherilyn was in her twenties, but playing an 18-year-old). “Literally, because of that, they brought in Heather Graham — who’s younger than I am — for him and Billy Zane for me,” Sherilyn continued. “I was not happy about it. It was stupid.”

You and the rest of the fandom, bb.

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