She’s a proud member of the Beyhive.

If she could be anyone for a day, Tracy picked the one and only Beyoncé. She also love hot dogs and being the center of attention, but TBH who doesn’t? 

Tracy apologized for her offensive tweets. 

Controversy swirled around the brunette beauty before Colton’s season premiered, thanks to some old tweets that many deemed offensive. However. she quickly apologized on social media

“i’m so sorry for those who I have offended. I am beyond mortified that I even had those thoughts and then proceeded to express them,” she wrote in a statement. “By no means does this reflect the person I am today. To the people who do know me, I am kind, loving, thoughtful, generous, and compassionate woman. I am not mean-hearted or hurtful. The people I have always surrounded myself with are very diverse and come from all over the world. I have a huge heart and open mind.” 

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