“It shows my life struggles from the most simple things like buying clothes to dealing with chronic pain every day,” G revealed in a video ahead of the series’ premiere. Fans are clamoring with questions before the documentary airs tonight, wondering about Georgia’s condition, makeup routines, and how to follow Britain’s smallest teen on social media.

First off, who is ’30 Inches Tall and Turning 18’s Georgia Rankin?

Before turning 20 earlier this year, Cheshire native G was dubbed Britain’s smallest teenager. Her condition, a form of skeletal dysplasia, is so rare, she’s never received an official diagnosis. As a child, her parents thought she had tufting enteropathy, a life-threatening bowel condition. “Doctors told us a few times we’d lose her,” her mother said in an interview with The Mirror.

But years later, when the family realized Georgia was still smaller than her elementary school classmates, they took her back to doctors who diagnosed her with osteoporosis. By this point, she was living in constant pain — which bothered her and her family far more than her short stature.

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