Here’s how to follow the age play couple on Instagram.

If you’ve seen the trailer for tonight’s episode, you’ll notice that David is less than thrilled to be playing daddy for Jess. Diapers “aren’t really his thing,” the age play doesn’t stimulate him sexually, and mainly he just appears all-around uncomfortable with all of the role-play, saying that he pretty much only plays along because it makes Jess happy.

But her new boo Steve-o is totally here for the baby-daddy stuff. “It’s definitely a lot different to my previous relationship because I have a boyfriend now who actually cares about it like I do. It is a daily thing,” Jess told LADBible. “He likes the trust that I put into him, he likes being able to care for me, he likes the vulnerability that I’m willing to give him. It makes him feel needed and special.”

“It’s perfect in a way,” she concludes, “because what he wants to give me I want to take from him, and vice versa.” The two are even engaged to be married! If you want to follow the couple on Instagram ahead of their impending nuptials or scroll through Jess’ feed before her episode airs, follow the adult baby here. “Daddy fiancé” Steve-o’s page is here.

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