It didn’t take long for Diandra Delgado to stir the pot on Ex on the Beach. The brunette beauty first appeared on the MTV series Are You the One? where she met her “ex” Malcolm Drummer. 

She came back to reality television to confront Malcolm and potentially find love with someone else— but Diandra was definitely not expecting to encounter Maya Benberry (of Catching Kelce fame), who currently has a thing for Didi’s ex. 

“If anybody has a problem with me, just tell me to my face right now,” Diandra asks her co-stars shortly after her arrival to the Malibu mansion. That prompted Maya to let Didi know exactly how she felt. “Just because you get cut doesn’t mean that someone has a problem with you,” she told the 23-year-old. “I just feel like you should go. That’s just me. That’s my opinion.” 

Maya continued, “If an ex comes in here that I might be feeling, you being here could potentially take him away from me… this is not the environment for her to find love. Let’s keep it one thousand.” Diandra is convinced Maya is threatened by her, but Maya reassured viewers that is simply not the case.

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