However, despite all that evidence in favor, there are plenty reasons to exclude Serena as a possibility. The biggest comes down to timing. The show was in production in June, according to Entertainment Weekly reporters who attended a mid-season taping. 

While we don’t know how many days of filming there were, Serena was playing in the French Open in early June, though she withdrew on June 4 due to a pectoral injury. Still, that early withdrawal wouldn’t have been anticipated, and the tournament ran until June 10, which is less than two weeks before the taping EW saw. Cutting it a bit close, eh? 

Plus, Serena also competed at Wimbledon in early July, so while this taping did indeed fall between the two Grand Slam tournaments, it’s difficult to imagine she’d be dressing up like a bee and singing to Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke rather than, I don’t know, training. Especially since she was coming off a 12-month absence due to pregnancy and giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

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