She’s also got her hands full with a child.

In addition to being a businesswoman, model, occasional singer, actress, producer, TV personality and author, Tyra is also the proud mother of 3-year-old York. And if like me, you’re trying to dig up Tyra’s pregnancy pics, don’t bother. York was born via surrogate in 2016.

Ahead of AGT‘s Season 13 premiere, she raved about York’s intelligence to reporters. According to People, she mentioned how advanced her son was with colors — “He has friends in his class that are like ‘re-re-red’ and my son is already up to silver and rose and rose gold” — but he’s also great at languages.

“He speaks Spanish, Norwegian, and English,” she said at the time. Super casual. According to Tyra, he’s also been counting pretty much since he was born, “so he’s really, really smart.” Well, wow.

Tyra’s got a super secret, undisclosed project that’s launching later this year.

If returning to America’s Next Top Model, running a production company and being a mom aren’t good enough reasons for Tyra to step down from AGT, fans of the workaholic will be relieved to learn she’s got something enormous up her sleeve. But they’ll have to wait until the fall to see what exactly that is.

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