It’s well known among Tarantino fans that all of his films take place in the same universe: Mr. Blonde and Vince Vega are brothers, Mr. White worked with Alabama from True Romance, everybody always smokes Red Apple cigarettes, etc.

Well, expert sleuths have noticed that Donny Donowitz, Eli Roth’s “Bear Jew” in Inglorious Basterds, is actually the father of movie producer Lee Donowitz from True Romance. In other words, everyone in Tarantino’s universe grew up learning about how Jews machine-gunned Hitler to death in a movie theater, rather than thinking that he quietly killed himself in a bunker.

This also means that, since World War II ended in a movie theater, people lend a greater significance to popular culture, which is why everyone in the Tarantino universe has pretty good knowledge of movies and TV. Also, since America won World War II in one super violent massacre, people in the universe are totally desensitized to hyperviolent killings. 

This explains why Butch in Pulp Fiction is unfazed by killing two people, Esmeralda, the cab driver in Kill Bill, is obsessed with death, and why Mr. White and Mr. Pink take such a pragmatic approach to killing in their line of work.

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